Only Kids Play Videogames

Business Week's Debate Room takes on the topic of videogames, and comes to the conclusion that they are not made for adults, depsite what some may say.

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BlackIceJoe4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

There may be more E games out there then other category but that does not mean that games are still just for kids. I will gladly play a Mario game and have fun with it. I just think E stands for every one like it does. It means any one can play it. It will not be to hard for a new comer or be boring for some one that has been playing games for a long time.

Also for the part about that in 06 that there was only 14% of M games on the market that does not mean they do not sell, It happens to be the opposite they sell through the roof and that is why you have people like Jack get all mad when they sell.

But there will always be E games yet at the same time it does not mean only kids are playing them. If they are fun that is all that matters to me.

gamesR4fun4664d ago

33 years old and love to game doesnt matter to me if its rated m or e as long as its fun...
Got my mom hooked on A/C you should see her murder innocent civilians with a big smile...
My dads in his 60's and has almost every fps ever made for xbox and 360
My brother games hes 20 ish
My neighbors game and theire grown ups too....
lol these guys are denser that that shrink whos running around saying games are bad for kids...

PS360WII4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

Yea tell that to the surplus of Wii and DS owners. Along with the many who bought the systems with their own money they got from their jobs.

edit: not to mention the boat load of M rated titles out there that sell quite well.

zenkai4664d ago

This business people are stupid. More adults own PS3 than kids.

Skerj4664d ago

It's not just the PS3 man, the average gamer is over 18 anyway. Hell check out how many kids there are in WoW's 9mil+ subscribers.

Chubear4664d ago

NO. Actually, the average gamer is 33 not 18.

Skerj4664d ago (Edited 4664d ago )

That's why I said "over" 18 :D At the time I couldn't remember the average age but I knew it was over 18, which is considered the age of adulthood. Which everyone knows 25 is the age you're truly an adult, insurance premiums go down woot.

Silver Bull3t4664d ago

...Bioshock was a "sleeper" hit?! Yeah, hardly anybody knew about or bought it. Really under-the-radar that one ROFL!

ItsDubC4664d ago

I just think it's funny that a large portion of the public has the misconception that only kids play videogames, while a large portion of gamers have the miconception that only kids play the Wii.

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The story is too old to be commented.