Opinion: Can A Stuffed Bear Hold The Secret To Game Piracy?

In this opinion piece, industry veteran Kim Pallister looks to a surprising source - the Build A Bear Workshop - to suggest that personalization and customization of games before their delivery may be the key to developing a relationship with the gamer, incenting them, and helping stem game piracy.

A snippet from the article:

"To take this to games, if we could find a way to build a game for a specific customer, tailored to them, then this should mean that they could share it with a friend, but that friend wouldn't want it, they'd want their own. In the same way that I may covet my friend's tailored suit, but that doesn't mean I want his suit, but rather that I want one of my own. Meanwhile, off-the-rack designer label suits do have to worry about counterfeit copies of their designs."

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Fux4Bux4666d ago

Well the first step should be to stop requiring you to keep the disc in. Having to jump through their "security" hoops just encourages people to crack the game and makes it more convinient to just steal it. I've actually downloaded pirated versions of games I own just to avoid having to use the CD (couldn't find just a cd crack).
Setups like Steam are the future of PC gaming or else it's just going to continue to die from piracy.