The Green Lantern Game Fans Deserve

Rise of the Manhunters was a mediocre attempt at bringing the interactive Green Lantern experience fans want. Ron Hoffecker of details the kind of game that GL readers want and deserve. This hero has so much potential for gaming greatness.

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DC19803160d ago

Will he be gay? I hope not.

Cennus3160d ago

That's Alan Scott. He's not really a Green Lantern. He has the power of the Starheart given to him from a Guardian. The first true Earth-based GL has Hal Jordan.

Hicken3160d ago

What do you have against gay people?

DC19803159d ago

They're afraid of the opposite sex


Hicken3159d ago

That's interesting, given that gay men, especially, tend to surround themselves with women.

Sounds like the fear is on your behalf, not theirs.