Interview: Codemasters' Rod Cousens - 'We're the best buy in games'

Chief executive of Codemasters Rod Cousens has asserted that his company will be top of the hitlist of any media giant looking to acquire a games company.

Speaking exclusively to MCV in an extensive interview, Cousens said that he believed the time was ripe for media conglomerates to look to purchase leading publishers – and that Codemasters' attractiveness to these acquisitive giants was 'unrivalled'.

"If I'm a media company, I'm looking at that situation and I'm looking at games," he said.

"And Codemasters is uniquely placed in terms of its premium. We're the fastest growing company in the fastest growing entertainment sector. Add to that our strength online and technology such as EGO and, as a privately-owned company, we're unrivalled."

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