Kojima Productions Report Podcast: Session 75

Mark McDonald and Boule join Ryan Payton on this epic ninety minute edition of the Kojima Productions Report as they dive into every interesting topic imaginable. Tune in to find out!

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Lucreto4665d ago

I don't follow american football or whatever so did the team win?

I will be interested in any new information if they did win.

Phaqutomb4665d ago

yes the Green Bay Packers won the game

Korosuke4665d ago

I wonder, football, a basket ball, baseball, the popularity order of these sports in the US?
The American football is popular that much?
Football means soccer in the rest of the world...

cr33ping_death4665d ago

i think in the U.S the popularity of the sports goes......1,FOOTBALL....2,BASK ETBALL...3,BASEBALL. i believe the popularity around thw world goes......1,SOCCER...2 BASEBALL, 3 BASKETBALL,. im in california big baseball fan, love watching the world cup. soccer is the worlds sport, then comes baseball seeing as there is a big increase in the number of races "even from third world countries. basketball is beginning to be popular aswell.

Shigeru Miyamoto4665d ago

popurarity lound the world is rike this;,,3.lacin g(formura 1,rarry,etc).

baseball is nothing overseas

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Darkiewonder4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

That's the part you guys can listen.

lol. I'm just going to say it now, you'll have to wait some more. some may be slightly disappointed though. It just depends on how you want to intepret it :)

conjurdevil4665d ago

cmon just spill the beans I dont wanna listen to the podcast...just include spoiler heading for everyone who wants to listen.Just say what does he say?

Maldread4665d ago

As i think this one also illustrates, is that they need to edit away all the crap talk in it. I`m sure the people that`s doing the podcast is having a great time and guffing around, but i think they need to just shortened down the time it takes to hear it. It just takes to much time in my opinion and they should just focus and what matters - new details of the games they`re talking about. I also like video better, because they can show us a bit from the game. Games are a visual medium after all.

I`m still going to approve the story though, as i know others will like it. I listen a bit to it, look away before i ruin the surprise people if you don`t want to know... hey final warning look away if you don`t want to know.... 4 all new charcters will be in the game, and Ryan will talk about 1 of 3 products for the US market (not necessarily digital mediums), which will release in the summer time. Over the next weeks he will be able to talk about one of them.

A lot of details about the game will be revealed when MGS4 comes out from hiding again. The release date, regional packages, MGS online contents and what it will mean for the future Kojima Productions. One world leading magazine will be given a new main visual. They`re going to come out from hiding in a big way, and the Podcast will reveal something new about the game almost every week.

MJY2K4665d ago

Thanks for the summary

Maldread4665d ago

No problem. I just listen to the last part of it since there was just a lot of joking around at first, so there might be some other stuff in there though ;)

Iamback4665d ago

this episode was lamo, so far i still have 15 minutes to go. Let hope it was worth listening.

niall774665d ago

... its the peoples problem for hyping it

Iamback4665d ago

He said he will reveal one of 3 other projects on which they are working, and he didn't. Thats all that matters.

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