Unreal Engine 4 E3 Promo

Geoff visits Epic Games for the public unveiling of Unreal Engine 4, and a good look at what's in store for the next generation of gaming.

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NYC_Gamer3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I hope the UE4 tech demo is running on Nvidia Kepler based cards

Orpheus3894d ago

Previously they demoed Unreal Engine 4.0 using Kepler.
Unreal Engine 4.0 supports nVIDIA PhysX from the start.
I bet it is running on nVIDIA Keplers :D

DeadlyFire3894d ago

Doesn't matter much what hardware its running on as long as it has the juice to run it.

STONEY43894d ago

The demo they showed in private was running on a single GTX 680.

Pain_Killer3894d ago

What else did you expected it to run on?

Didn't Epic themselves said that there's no current platform "Beyond PC" which can currently run UE4?

Single Kepler or SLI'd Fermi's, PC is capable enough to run it with ease.

NYC_Gamer3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Hmmm....Epic could have used AMD 79xx....I'm happy that Nvidia is the brand of choice to showcase new engines/games since Nvidia cards are known to be a little more stable...

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dark-hollow3894d ago

Cliff looks pretty pissed..

FarCryLover1823894d ago

Cliff was probably sleeping and Geoff barged in on him and said "PROMO TIME, WAKE UP!!!"

Kran3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Well of course he does. He's expecting for Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo to magically come up with a platform that will not only be extremely powerful (like as powerful as the most powerful PC), but for that to happen, it'll cost gamers a lot of money to even buy those kinds of consoles in this generation... like £500/£600 for a console Cliff is expecting to be made. Give it about 6-7 years and perhaps that price might drop to £300/£400 if we're lucky.

dark-hollow3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

Exactly what am thinking.
I don't think next gen consoles are ready to give UE4 it justice.
I remember epic said that current consoles only gave 20% of UE3 full capability, and they admitted there will be next gen games running on UE3

hell did you saw the Samaritan demo? it looked very impressive and that's only running on UE3.

Gildarts3892d ago

i am happy and ready to buy a $600 console if it can run unreal engine 4.

Pain_Killer3894d ago

@NYC Ofcourse! It can run on current hardware and by that i meant PC specifically.

AMD card's run Unreal Engine as good as NVIDIA minus the PhysX although NVIDIA is the preferred choice for Unreal Engine.

Rock_On_PS43894d ago

PS4 will win the next console generation. Sony decides when a console generation begins or ends.

givemeshelter3893d ago

LOL you're pretty bad at trolling I see?