Talking Point: Why Gaming Needs E3

It’s the final weekend before E3 2012, and thousands of members of the gaming industry and mainstream press are descending on Los Angeles to attend. It’s amazing that a single convention has risen to such prominence in the gaming calendar, but that’s the status that E3 has earned. An extraordinary amount of hype is generated around the L.A. extravaganza, and E3 is an occasion that's invaluable to the gaming industry as it continues to evolve and face new challenges. Nintendo Life looks at it from a Nintendo perspective, and asks why it's so important to gaming.

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Y_51502382d ago

Simple. We need a big event for video games, something to really look forward to. Surprise announcements at random days throughout the year is nice. But knowing that a convention is going to be held and that you expect to be a massive number of awesome announcements just feels better to me.