Five games that can't afford to get E3 wrong

OXM UK:"Showcase a game at E3, and you'll make a big splash. Just be careful you aren't swamped by the resulting tidal wave."

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kevnb2421d ago

Everything can afford to get e3 wrong. Its just a nerd convention in most people's eyes.

Hicken2421d ago

Who are "most people?"

And why in the hell would you reference a bunch of people who DON'T care about E3 one way or another when talking about who or what can or can't afford to get E3 wrong? More simply: if you're talking about something a certain group cares about, why would you bring up a group that doesn't?

That doesn't make any sense at all.

Plagasx2421d ago

Totally agree with RE6.

This is it's time to shine. Show us that it's going to be a good blend of horror/action.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2421d ago

Looking forward to Transformers

belac092421d ago

no ff type 0 so i dont care