It's Official, David Jaffe and Eat Sleep Play Have Parted Ways

Now that Twisted Metal has shipped and Eat Sleep Play has gotten all the kinks out of it, one of its principal creators left the studio.

David Jaffe, one of the co-founders of Eat Sleep Play and principal creators of God of War and Twisted Metal, announced on his Twitter page earlier today that he has officially left the studio.

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TCG_Returns2419d ago

One flop and he calls it quits?

Dante1122419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

I thought Eat, Sleep, and Play was his own company (or was it owned by the entire group)?


He said he was leaving the studio before Twisted Metal came out for ISO games but later confirmed to be leaving for his own new company.


This source kinda makes this article a dupe:

Peppino72419d ago

I wish him good luck with his future endeavors. He deserves it.

rezzah2419d ago

There was already plans for him leaving many months prior tot he release of TW.

Though it is still strange since he left Sony to make games his own way, and no he has left his own developing company.

Prince_Dim-Lu2419d ago

He's probably tired of not being able to sell his games at the maximum capacity.

Time to go multi plat, instead of those small PS3 exclusive sales numbers. Multi plat sales is where it's at.

trouble_bubble2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

lol, what you mean like the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings?

vgchartz estimates have Twisted Metal at 490,000 and 360 criticaly acclaimed console exclusive The Witcher 2, at 370,000

So yeah, careful what flag you wave on that one, especially when a simple lil' car combat game is smoking an 88 avg AAA-RPG.

Prince_Dim-Lu2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

So you take 1 game... a PC first game, and that's how it is for all the rest?

Uhmmm no.

Sorry... Multi plat games sell way better than Sony Exclusives. Only Sony exclusive that sells great is GT5... and we all know why. Besides that, they're wishing they had COD numbers, BF numbers, GTA numbers sold. Hell... even Gears and Halo sell at a pretty big number... but that's not my point.

My point is... multi plat games sell way more than exclusives.

Sorry you Sony guys don't think that way. Time to buy other consoles, besides only owning a PS3. (not you directly)

PS... are you trying to tell me that Twisted Metal is averaging an 88? Uhm... it's in the 70's...

Drake1172419d ago

I never liked this guy. I honestly don't know why alot of the ppl on this sight worship him so much. He talks so much crap when hes just a quitter. Seriously this dude hasn't made a good game since GoW 1, get over him.

TCG_Returns2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

No, he did not announce that months prior to twisted metal.He announced he was leaving on feb 7.TM came out on the 14th.

From the 7th-14th is when a lot of reviews started coming out, and, a lot of bad press.He knew TM was a shitty game, even months prior to it all i`m sure he knew.

Don`t get me wrong, he`s a great guy and i respect his opinion on a lot of things but i don`t think he`s quite in touch with current gen gaming.TM looked and played like an HD PS2 game..

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NYC_Gamer2419d ago

Jaffe, will forever be known as the God of War/Twisted Metal guy.....I don't see him creating anything else that tops those franchises or come even close quality wise...

gaffyh2419d ago

Calling all cars says hi. /s

gaffyh2419d ago

Apparently, some people don't know what sarcasm is hehe.

cstyle2419d ago

Jaffe needs to just go multi-plat.

modesign2419d ago

if he does, he has to make a new ip since GOD/twisted metal are exclusives.

Patriots_Pride2419d ago

I think that would be the best move.

Can you imagine working on some games your whole life and you dont own them - thats the reason Insomniac and Bungie parted ways becuse they want to own there own IP and not be told what to do with it.


It's a double edged sword.

Most publishers can fund your productions but they want rights over the IPs.

You can have your IPs your own way and just partner up to publish it, but you have to deal with most of the costs.

So even if he goes multiplat, it doesn't mean he's going to own his creations, it depends much more of how and with who his going to make his next games, not so much about in which platform(s).

Anyway, I just hope this guy find whatever he wants and keep feeding us good games.

theunleashed642419d ago

yes so you can go prancing around the comment sections talking about "how jaffe is choosing the winning console" and his work will be more respected on the xbox 360?. give me a break you just want him to develop for the xbox 360 so you can boast about it and how microsoft is winning while sony is losing no one is buying into your crap fanboy.

cstyle2419d ago

It doesn't really matter to me because I actually owm pS3 too. I just think he would be more successful going that route. MS has already beaten sony this gen already.

theunleashed642419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )


"microsoft has already beaten sony this gen"

and that's where the fanboy remark came from. proclaiming to have or own a PS3 doesn't prove that you're not a fanboy, just you trying to justify your fanboyish comments.

specialguest2419d ago

I'm expecting some fans who once praised Jaffe to quickly turn on him, especially if he goes muiltiplat. There's already an established pattern. It happened with Ninja Theory, then Insomniac(they definitely didn't deserve the hate), and now it'll happen with Jaffe.

AusRogo2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

Fanboy much? @patriots pride- are you trying to say Sony tell their developers what to do? Look at liitlebigplanet. If one of the very few ms developers wanted to do that, it woulda been a,massive FUCK NO by MS. Atleast Sony takes risks..

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CaptainMarvelQ82419d ago

he's an overly outspoken person
i bet he'll upload a video talking about it

joeorc2419d ago

"Jaffe said in an interview back in February that he plans to open another studio in San Diego, California to work on next-gen titles and a browser-based action game because "there hasn't been a game in the browser space in my opinion that speaks to players and gamers that I usually make games for."

key note about his move to open another studio:

"browser-based action game because "there hasn't been a game in the browser space in my opinion that speaks to players and gamers that I usually make games for."

this could very well be a telling sign, that Sony is indeed building or buying a "cloud streaming gaming service"

to start new studio's that indeed does take money, and investment.


the Rumor of Sony buying OnLive or Gaikai may infact be true

morganfell2419d ago

John Romero leaves Id. John Romero leaves PC gaming because phone games are the future. John Romero leaves phone games John Romero spends time bouncing from one thing to another because he is mentally unstable.

See where this goes. There is just something very directionless about the direction Jaffe claims to be going.

joeorc2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

Let's hold off on that ok, we do not know anything right now more than what lil bit of info that's been released. remember Dave Jaffe is not John Romero.And Eat,Sleep and Play is still there. for all we know good Old Dave may have stock still in E.S.P we have no idea . just because he left does not mean he's on a downward spiral.

I think in today's day and age many are too quick to look for the negative more than the + of such thing's happening.

Its Ok without pessimistic AND optimistic views this world would be pretty

Oh even without Dave Jaffe Eat Sleep and play is not a small studio by any means.

Campy da Camper2419d ago

I prefer to look at it like a Jim Morrison situation. Sometimes, people that creative cannot stay in one place too long. Their whole existence is to be a nomad and wander around dropping their ideas wherever they may be at that time.

Most creative people simply cannot handle the actual logistics of getting their ideas to the mass market. They have a vision of art, they execute it and need others to help get their product out to the world.

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