Ground Branch begins its Kickstarter campaign

This game is Ground Branch. The title uses the Unreal Engine 3, the license for which the small team has paid from his own pocket, and promises an extremely tactical multiplayer, thanks to its realistic representation of the weapons and bullets, the lack of regenerating life (a classic in contemporary shooters), and other basic concepts of this type applied to the gameplay mechanics. After being denied from major publishers, Blackfoot Studios has chosen to use the powerful tool that is revolutionizing the world of gaming software company, or crowdfunding: the donation of all those interested in the project, in short.

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inveni02381d ago

"...the license for which the small team has paid from his own pocket..."

You don't have to pay to use UDK until AFTER it starts selling. At that point, it's only $99 and then a percentage of everything over $50,000.

Korda2381d ago

UDK is free as you said but Unreal Engine 3 is a separate thing and costs somewhere around $2 million.
I would be surprised if they fronted that kind of money though.

inveni02380d ago (Edited 2380d ago )

UDK IS Unreal Engine 3. If they're paying for anything else, they're already wasting money because UDK has everything for game development. All Ue3 games use it. I'm not fool enough to give money to someone fabricating unneeded licenses.

EDiT: actually, if they're licensing the source code, I could understand it. But that's like $700k. And they'd have to reveal why on earth they feel they need to do such a thing when they have no idea if the game will sell.

jsonedecker2381d ago

We are a full UE3 licensee and not using UDK. And UE3 does not cost $2mil. All I can say is the full license cost us somewhere between $99 and $2mil. :-)

Check out the Kickstarter and support us if it's something that interests you.


Alexious2381d ago

What he said. Support the game people, I miss the real RS so much!

DeadlyFire2380d ago

Glad this project is finially pushing for funding to ramp it up to launch sometime. Been following this for years. Its nice to see games like Ground Branch and Takedown aim to bring some tactical gameplay back to the genre.