Zombies help ageing title Arma II top video game charts

Arma II was released back in June 2009 but has been a top seller on the Steam games website for most of May, thanks to an update of the game based around zombies.

The Day Z expansion, or "mod", challenges players to survive in a game world suffering a zombie outbreak.

Survival involves scavenging food and medicines, and avoiding zombies and other players who stay alive by killing people and stealing their supplies.

Day Z has been created by Dean "Rocket" Hall, a developer for Bohemia Interactive, the game studio that makes Arma II.

He put the mod together in his spare time to test a few intuitions about what players wanted from a game. If his ideas proved correct and the test got good feedback, he planned to pitch it internally as an official game mod.

However, as he told the BBC: "That was before everything went crazy."

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NYC_Gamer2421d ago

DayZ is just the perfect zombie game....It offers the real sense of survival/betrayal with so many realistic features.....The game lets the player create their own story every day without cheap hollywood gimmicks thrown around for cheap scares...

sonicsidewinder2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

The fact this was made by an internal dev makes me think much higher of the mod.

It's more than a mod, it's a part of the game really.

Getting the games on steam cus I don't got Op Arrowhead. Havn't played Arma 2 in ages.

It's a good thing more people will get into the game. I implore everyone who's only thinkin of getting this for a Zombie mod, think bigger. Arma is a brilliant military simulator series. It will be the best time to get into it as well, PLUS you've got Arma 3 on the horizon.

Anyone wanting to get into the game proper, remember the ACE mod.

It's where it's at.

FarCryLover1822421d ago

Id buy it if I could be confident my pc could run it.

wwm0nkey2421d ago

There is a free version of Arma II on Steam you can try out.

FarCryLover1822421d ago

oh cool, I'll check it out. Ive got a quad core processor and 8gb of ram....but my video card is junk. Cant even run MW3. :3

TheGameFoxJTV2421d ago

if you can't run MW3, you can't run this. lol.

Drabent2421d ago

My pentium 4, 7300 nvidia couldn't /cry......

vortis2421d ago

MW3 is junk dude. Most console-ports run like poop on PC (i.e., poor optimization).

QC + 8GB even with a junk video card is still pretty good. You shouldn't have any problems running Arma, you might have to turn down a few graphic options of course.

FarCryLover1822421d ago

I played the mw3 free trial and I had to run everything at low setting. It was saddening to me.

CaptCalvin2421d ago

Arma 2 is way harder to run than CoD. my HD4850 ran MW3 just fine, but my HD5850 barely struggles with Arma 2.

vortis2421d ago

@CaptCalvin well Arma is in an open-world environment, so it's rendering way, way, way more than CoD.

You'll definitely have to take down the draw distance and the dynamic lighting effects. Unlike other console-ports you at least get to tweak just about every single graphical aspect of Arma 2.

I found a nice sweet spot where the game still looked good and ran at a breezy 60fps.

No lie, though, it takes time to tweak the game to suit your setup.

kevnb2421d ago

Mw3 is optimized a hell of a lot better than arma 2, although dayz is much more fun. People need to stop whining about consoles.

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shackdaddy2421d ago

I really hope they continue the mod on ArmAIII.

I'm loving it so far. Although, I know now that if there was a zombie outbreak, I would probably die. lol.

anonym2421d ago

I'm not positive, but I think they confirmed that it runs in ArmA III. Hopefully it'll drive awareness of the game in general. It's looking pretty awesome.

MurDocINC2421d ago

I hope not, arma engine is holding it back, it can't do melee weapons which is huge part of zombie survival.
It should be a standalone game with engine build from ground up to fulfill it's needs.

kostchtchie_2421d ago

i would have got this but i hate running zombies :/
great zombie mode though, glad people still like making stuff like this

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