VideoGamer Gives 5/10 To High Velocity Bowling

Tom Orry of VideoGamer writes:

"If I ran Sony Computer Entertainment I'd have done the same. One of the most popular and simple games included in Wii Sports is Bowling. It's just a perfect fit for the Wii's motion controller and is something everyone can play. So, High Velocity Bowling, Sony's effort at a motion controlled bowling game, makes sense. Sadly it doesn't make for a fun time."

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360sucks4662d ago

this dude can go back
and play easy ass wii bowling
where everybodys bowling
279 and 300 all the time
i bowled 300 games 50+ times

High Velocity Bowling
is great its just missing
online play
the game off the hook

bdwins4662d ago

sounds to me like because he thought the controls were to complex he didnt have fun. I actually prefer the L2 and R2 keys for spin rather the the Wii's random motion controls.


Yeah go bowl 300 on every rip on the wii with lamed ass music . To me the controls is perfect with there own set of lanes . This guy is a F'n idiot that dont know shil. Everybody that i recommend this to have said it is better than the wii. for 10 bucks its perfect patch would also be nice .

Lumbo4662d ago

The funny part is, he calls Wii's magic wand meets cheat to happen 300 perfect score system "genius" but the smart reverse SixAxis grip, that actually feels like you hold a bowling ball instead of a magic stick is "clawlike" and .. wrong?

Maybe he should visit a bowling place again and see if it is natural to hold a ball like the Wii stick or more like the reverse sixaxis.

The game is fun, i can play my music, the chars offer more than the creepy Mee's and the Spin control offers at least some competition compared to the Wii mechanism that allows you perfect strike series once you have one flick movement mesmerized.

Sorry, but that review, with the reasoning he put behind his scores, is a fail.