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BT writes: When somebody first mentioned A Game of Thrones to me, I’ll admit that the first image that jumped to mind was the haughtiest, bourgeois, and most jewelry ridden session of musical chairs imaginable. When it was clarified to me that we were in fact talking about the first novel of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy novels, I became a touch less excited. On the recommendation of a friend, I managed to read the first three books before tiring of the broken up pace and decided to wait for the soon to be started (at the time) HBO television series to concern myself with the political and social scheming of Westeros. Fellow nerds and geeks from all over screw their faces up in consternation when I tell then that I tired of Martin’s writing style (though not his plots), but we’re not really here to talk about that, thankfully. We’re here to talk about Cyanide Studio’s Game of Thrones RPG.

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Love the game, don't care about the graphics, story is great. Massive Fan so happy with the game.