Microsoft registers slew of “Xbox Smart Glass” domains amid rumors of E3 reveal

According to the Examiner in a story that appeared on Friday, June 1, Microsoft is rumored to be revealing its “Xbox Smart Glass” tablet at the E3 convention in Los Angeles this coming week. With all the news swirling around the alleged “reveal”, Microsoft Corporation has registered a slew of domains with “Smart Glass” in the name like and The registrations took place on the same day as the big news began to spread, but not before a resident of China beat Microsoft to Microsoft registered many more names through the brand protection company MarkMonitor.

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Jazz41082419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

This sounds interesting. Is Micro releasing a Tablet that will be a portable gaming machine? I currently hate tablets for gaming as their is NO real way to control the games with any degree of accuracy. I suppose a controler add on is possible but unless your traveling a lot the console allready fills that void. I do however look forward to hearing and learning more on the upcoming reveal.

MySwordIsHeavenly2419d ago

You can use a DualShock 3 on most tablets, with rooting. The Asus Transformer supports it without installing any extra drivers, oddly enough.

It's a heck of a lot better for Minecraft. ;)

Kur02419d ago

why the disagrees? This is the same as hooking up a gamepad to your laptop except for a much smaller game library.

MySwordIsHeavenly2418d ago

Lol. I'm not sure why I got disagrees. In this case, it's probably because people are elitists and don't think tablets/phones have the same control schemes as consoles, when clearly they have that option. ;)

The same goes for the games. OnLive is on tablets and phones. Therefore, they actually have a fairly large library of games. I can play Batman: Arkham City on my Xperia Play phone. Seriously. No need for any controllers either. I can just do it through OnLive.

MissAubrey2419d ago

I wonder if you could sync a 360 controller to it that would be amazingish.

ThatsGaming2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

There are a few keys to this being successful...

1) Either it needs a controller built in or be able to sync one to it...
2) It needs to be able to download and run games locally (Latency is too much in remoting)
3) Needs to expose the full functionality of the Xbox
4) Needs a browser

Essentially, it becomes a gaming branded tablet.

ronin4life2419d ago

"I suppose a controller add on is possible"

So, to make a MS tablet fun for gaming as a portable, it would need an attachment that stays connected to the unit...
...Like the WiiU contoller?

2419d ago
FrigidDARKNESS2419d ago

It could be a gaming device for the next gen Xbox. When Crytek posted there job openings for the next Xbox project Ryse one of the frites as were to have experience in tablet gaming.