The Next Tales of Game Is Tales of Xillia 2 "This just in from the Tales of Festival 2012. The much awaited Next Tales of game has been revealed to be 'Tales of Xillia 2' for the PlayStation 3. The game is set only one year after the events of Tales of Xillia."

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Alos882333d ago

I'll save the booing for the unpleasant but plausible scenario where we get Xillia but not the sequel.

LaZyEnErGeTiC2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

I just wanted an entirely new game, though :(. Like, I didn't mean anything bad by it.

Alos882333d ago

Well, it has new characters and seems to have new locations too, so at least there's that.

NewMonday2333d ago

It was done before with Persona 2

LStark702333d ago

I guess. To be honest, I didn't even think it WOULD be Xillia 2 until they showed the logo. I was really taken by surprise!

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VsAssassin2333d ago

Awesome! Now all we need is an NA release for Part 1.

-Gespenst-2333d ago

I don't want to hear anymore complaints about Final Fantasy sequels anymore.

Lavalamp2333d ago

Why? It's not like Xillia is despised by fans. On the contrary, Tales fans would eat up anything that comes to the west. And this really isn't the 'Sequel nobody asked for', considering this isn't a direct sequel, but rather an entirely new mothership title ala Destiny 2. OH and fun fact, they already put out a Tales of Versus back in 2009 ;)

Hicken2332d ago

Although it's rather unrelated to this- not like Tales games haven't had sequels before- I agree with you.

Mike_Tha_Hero2333d ago

Great, now give us the first one already.

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