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Nevers2332d ago

Less dangerous than the Name of the Wind.

crxss2332d ago

can't wait to play RE6, hopefully DMC plays well... and i'm stealing a hoodie

trouble_bubble2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

the sound of DRM then?

-shakes fist at Final Fight Dbl Impact and Bionic Commando Rearmed -

Kinect2332d ago

Nah it's the sound of dlc baby

an0nym0us2333d ago

Didn't read but this is a wild guess... so a remake, a sequel, another sequel, a sequel to a game that was ass, so it didn't sell, which was a sequel to a game that was ass, so it didn't sell well(3rd time is a charm though). Oh and a new Ip, which I'm guessing is.... A tank control hack and slash, which will excite the masses.

showtimefolks2333d ago

that's how i feel about cacpm and its sad they went from a top publisher/developer to an average one

their way of dlc
extra skins/characters that are on disk
their useless pursuit of sequels

there is a reason so many of their top level talent left capcom to either form their own studios or come to a western publisher

i buy their games used because i much rather a person on ebay/craiglist make the money or even gamestop pre owned than capcom, and usually within 8-9 months of a game launch we will get a ultimate edition with all the dlc

jc485732333d ago

my other problem is that more and more of their games feel incomplete. You saw what they did with Azura's Wrath? In order to get the true ending, you have to download it. So what's the point of buying games then?

showtimefolks2333d ago


its sad how they thinking works, the guy who made dead rising had to hide the game till it was 50% complete because capcom wasn't allowing new Ip's. They wanted sequels

anyway the higher they were they gonna fall just that hard, and that RE6 watch how its gonna be trying from that summer blockbuster movie cheesy story and same gameplay

like i make a statement with your wallet don't buy into they ways of business buy used have anyone other than capcom make the money

ronin4life2332d ago

...You just described nearly EVERY ONES content list.

gamerwiips3602333d ago

Three major candidates of CAPCOM.... Waiting to see which one impresses the more at E3.

jc485732332d ago

We'll see, but I have a feeling LP3 is going to go down the drain, especially with Dead Space 3 around.

tweet752333d ago

no mention of Mega man 11?

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