US Gaming Gets Seriously Political

In a week when the UK's video gaming peak body, ELSPA, has woken slightly from its usual torpid twitching to seek reassurance from the government regarding game censorship, US gaming bodies forming a political action committee (PAC) to increase lobbying.

ELSPA queried a Sun 'newspaper' report that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is "...very worried about video and computer games" in relation to knife crime. It returned - according to MCV with the following, "...we have been reassured by DBERR (Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) that the government's position in this area has not altered; the Prime Minister remains concerned about the protection of children from access to certain new technologies which is why the government commissioned the Byron Review.

Back to the United States where they take industry, if not cutting edge creativity, amazingly seriously. Over the pond, its peak body - Entertainment Software Association (ESA) says that the PAC will be in full swing by late March. So, what is a Political Action Committee or PAC?

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