Pure Chess Review: Go Ahead and Pawn your Chess Set

Overall, the experience isn’t uncontrollably marred by the simplistic nature or lack of online multiplayer, though that is disappointing. You can still play your friends in person (via ad-hoc on the Vita or passing the PS3 controller, respectively), and, well… it’s chess. What more do you want? The game’s extras are more than welcome, the presentation is wonderful, and touch controls are implemented well. For the $7.99 it costs, you’re getting a fair amount of substance, and if you’re new to the game, an adequate teacher. Though it’s certainly not a system seller, it’s money well-spent on an enjoyable download if you’re at all interested in this age-old game.

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topekomsi2426d ago

What was a good game could have been great with online matches.

MrMister2426d ago

Why should I buy this, when i can play Chess free on Playstation Home? Against real people!

ninjahunter2426d ago

Because one of the reviews has a pun in the title.