ESRB reveals rating summary for Xbox 360 exclusive, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed their rating summary for the upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive fighting video game, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect.

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tinezedw2329d ago

who said microsoft don't have exclusives,LOL.

Neko_Mega2329d ago

No I think they say "They don't have exclusives that aren't kinect".

At least this DBZ game I know I won't care for, the last one was ok but the combat system suk and the list of fighters were really poor.

tinezedw2329d ago

you don't see sony fans bringing up move games as exclusives,whoever posted this could have just said kinect game.make it seem desperate.

MacDonagh2329d ago

I just wish that developers would take more chances when it comes to games based on anime. I don't understand how the DBZ license can warrant so many releases, yet Hellsing has yet to have a game released over in the west.

Ach, whatever.

PirateThom2329d ago

Dragon Ball Z games are a safe bet, they can release the same basic game multiple times and it sells pretty well.

MacDonagh2329d ago

True enough, but I'm surprised that no company has yet to tap up the anime market and try to sell newer interesting titles.

Not Naruto mind you. Absolutely tedious story.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2329d ago

Sounds cool, doubt its better than dancing stage max, the game that gave me a six pack

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