Top 11 E3 Moments

gamrReview: "With E3 2012 just a matter of days away we thought we'd relive some of the most iconic moments of E3 past, be they major announcements or the origins of classic memes. "

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naznatips2420d ago

Great list, but it needs the absolutely insane Mr. Caffeine. He was so bad it was funny to watch him crash and burn.

zeal0us2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


Konami PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!! Don't bring back Tak Fuji nor allow another Ninety-nine Knights to be made.

Thank you

BiggCMan2420d ago

You don't want....1 MIRRONNN TROOPSES??

Blastoise2420d ago

One mirrion trubes...WOOOOOOWWW

Psycho_Mantis2419d ago

YES! Because more of him will be....


But really people, its at times like these where i would be happy to see Mr. Tak Fuji again as a spokeperson. Not because of his broken English, but because he downright funny as hell!!! :D

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-Superman-2420d ago M

Konami 2010. Creepy man behind other man was very funny :)

Runa2162420d ago

I was thinking these would all be GOOD moments....nope!

bacrec12420d ago

"Riiiidddddgggeeee Racer"

archemides5182420d ago

I don't see why this is such a big deal, that's how it was said in the game.

NastyLeftHook02420d ago

Gabe Newell announcing portal 2 at sony's conference.

BiggCMan2420d ago

YES!! Omg that moments gave me chills. Not particularly since Portal 2 would be on PS3, but Gabe actually appearing, just fantastic.

haymoza2420d ago

I told you last year and I tell you once more: Tak Fuji was not that funny. Memorable? Yes, but only for it's awkwardness.

Other than that, solid list.

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The story is too old to be commented.