Microsoft poised to win E3 2012

Examiner (Alexander Hinkley): Microsoft could potentially have a lot in store for Xbox 360 users at this year's conference considering they have already confirmed that there will be no unveiling of an Xbox 720 this year.

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DaThreats2328d ago

You got to be kidding me
Anything kinect is fail

zeal0us2328d ago

Must be E3 flamebait season.

omi25p2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

You can't win something that isnt a competition.

The only people who can "Win" E3 is the gamers.

S_C2328d ago

Pssst just nearly spat out my cup of tea all over the screen. All their confrence will be is Halo 4, New Gears Of War And Kinect games/apps. Boring

omi25p2328d ago

Maybe too you. But out of the 3 consoles im most looking forward to seeing the 360 conference.

I want Halo 4, Forza sunrise, Gears Judgment possibly GTA V and what ever multiplatforms they have to show.

On Ps3 the only games im interested in is The Last Of Us and multiplatforms.

Then il only look at Nintendos conference to see the WIIU

badjournalism2328d ago

Given they've already said they're focusing on Live services with a only a few games this year, I doubt they're gonna wow many people. Especially if it's anything like their presser last year.

TCG_Returns2328d ago

So they're gonna win with halo 4 and 2 multiplats
ala GTAV and COD?

If they would of kept gears a secret it would of been a nice surprise but who cares about their E3 now? Not even going to watch it this year.Most likely just more kinect smoke&mirrors and idiots dancing.smh

Cocozero2328d ago

They will certainly win in terms of presentation and they will have the biggest earth-shattering announcement, like they always do, anyone remember the impact of FFXIII 360 there hasn't been an announcement that big since.

But I'm sure the hardcore gamers, at least on this site will be disappointed as always.

TheLyonKing2327d ago

I remember the ff 13 thing but what was their one last year and the year before?

Was pretty boring last couple of years.

Genghis2328d ago

Pay no attention to this article. It's Alexander Hinkley, the worst writer the examiner has ever seen. There's even a forum thread about how bad this guy is...

thorstein2328d ago

Exactly and Bubs for you. All flamebait farticles should be voted down.

Jockamo2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

hi alex, you're just a terrible writer, please take writing classes like i suggested

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