You’ll have to buy five copies of Dishonored to get all this exclusive pre-order game content

Developed by Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, the upcoming Dishonored is one of the few must-buy games of the year (so far). But the decision of where to purchase it on launch day just got a lot more complicated, as Bethesda has unveiled each of the exclusive pre-order packs offered from various retailers.

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dark-hollow2327d ago

Remember cheat codes that used to unlock more stuff in the games?
Yeah I miss those......


Funny fact, I just miss-readed the name as "Dishonest"... Considering how this brings memories of when extra content was bonus for excelling on the game rather than just business strategy, now I believe it was more of a freudian slip than my mistake.

Intentions2327d ago

I was going to get 5 copies anyway.


PixL2327d ago

Or buy it later on PSN/XBL if you care.

joab7772327d ago

its content like this i dont understand. I doubt each store got to chose and we dont know what we want so its kind of pointless. It doesnt benefit any store over another. I dunno.

Tachyon_Nova2327d ago

Exactly it just ends up punishing everyone who buys the game because they miss out on content that would otherwise be there.

joab7772318d ago

This is one of 3 games I am looking most forward to. I used to pre order everything until sky rim, kingdoms, ME3, the witcher 2 & dragons dogma have me buried. I want to pre order this. But do I have to decide how I wanna play before and choose accordingly. I don't like it unless its all offered eventually.

AfricanWoolf2327d ago

I have a question: if I buy one copy of the game and pirate the pre-order stuff, am I still the human slime that the gaming industry would have you believe?

I'm legally purchasing a copy of the game and I want to experience all it has to offer. You cannot honestly tell me I have to buy 5 copies to get that.

I don't know, I know that technically it's still very wrong but I have a hard time caring for this kind of situation. :\

banjadude2327d ago

What exactly do you mean by "pirate" the pre-order stuff?

xursz2327d ago

He means downloading the content illegally.

AfricanWoolf2327d ago

I always see torrents floating around that include all the pre-order DLC in one bundle. I normally pirate games that I own since I prefer to play on a pirated copy rather than my original - no DRM.

Take Deus Ex: HR, bought original and applied a crack that unlocked all the pre-order bonuses.

I know its not wrong to pirate a game I own but if the pirated copy includes all the pre-order stuff I'm technically stealing it.

Bladesfist2327d ago

@AfricanWoolf Thats a big problem with the industry, they offer a worse service than the pirates. I bought Borderlands GOTY and was not able to play the DLC because of the crappy DRM issues. If i had pirated it, I would be playing my game...

SAE2327d ago

I dont mind pirating a Dlc that launch with the game but is locked , remember ps1 , ps2 , pc games befor ? They put everything but now they are greedy thats why i dont support dlc unless it worked hard for it and released after a month of the game , same with the codes thing

Tdmd2327d ago

So, you pirate the stuff that we are asked to pay for even though it should be on the disc already? I wouldn't say "human slime", but more something as a role model... should there be more ppl doing this, DLC would be done correctly.

modesign2327d ago

5yrs ago you would of been a slime of the earth for the industry, but now, your a hero for getting what you deserve at no extra cost or with out jumping through many hoops.

chak_2327d ago

I'm an absolute 100% against piracy guy, but buying the game and doing what you do seems pretty okay.

It's not a good action indeed, but countering the publishers greed isn't so bad in my book.

I mean, 5 differents preoder version, WTF.

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