First Impressions: Tomb Raider -

From the article: "In the spirit of E3, there will be video game trailers coming out of the woodwork, left right and centre. The most exciting for me is the new Tomb Raider, in which Miss Lara Croft seems to be facing a lot more real life issues than trying to find ancient artifacts. Watching the trailer, it appears that Crystal Dynamics and/or SquareEnix have combined Tomb Raider with Uncharted. Which is a little bit odd for me."

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gamer78042328d ago

Graphics look great but i'm worried they are straying too far from their roots. It was about you against your environment. Now seems to be more like uncharted, running around your environment to get to your next batch of enemies.

vikingland12328d ago

I will be getting this game when it comes out. I have played every TR game made and I'm not stopping now.