Tomba! arrives on PSN on June 19th

Joystiq has just announced that beloved PSone classic Tomba! will be arriving on PSN on Tuesday, June 19th for $9.99. The digital title, published by MonkeyPaw Games, comes at a perfect time when the physical versions of the cult classic fetch nearly $200 on eBay.

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moogle842383d ago

Day one buy for me. Excited for this one! Mark your calendars for June 19th!

Relientk772383d ago

Omg finally!

Cannot wait to play this game again, definitely getting this

Acquiesc32383d ago

YESSSSSS. Bring on Tomba 2 as well!

Information Minister2383d ago

And Skullmonkeys while you're at it!

jonboi242383d ago

tomba in all-star battle royal or at least give him his own psn game

Sorrow242383d ago

$5 he will be in All-Stars :D

Fatty2383d ago

Sony, this is even more reason to get those PS1 classics on Vita quickly. I want to play through Tomba! on the go.

MasterCornholio2382d ago

Yep I can't wait to drink a bunch of soulstorm and have a fart fest while leading a bunch of blind Modokens to their safety or doom.

I'm pretty sure that Sony at E3 will announce a Vita update that will add PSX support to the platform. I base my assumption off a recent episode of PSBlog where they said that the Vita would get this feature soon.


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