Game Developers Are Still Lazy: “We Won’t be Working on Wii U Due to its Complexities”

How can a vast majority of developers from a recent survey claim Wii U is too complex if Darksiders II developers are claiming that the game took just a few minutes to get running on Wii U? Because they're lazy, that's why.

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Ken222330d ago

Hmm what a bunch of crybababies if you ask me *Oh noez it's to hardz for us so we won't develop for it*.

I would like to know who said that??

morganfell2330d ago

I would like to know who is complaining about these developers? Actually I would like to know how many of these same people laughed when developers made similar remarks about the PS3.

Shoe, meet other foot.

ronin4life2329d ago

With the ps3, the system itself was expensive and complicated to make games for. With the WiiU, Devs feel that they have to make original ideas and they don't know how. They also want to port everything everywhere, and are afraid the wiiu being completely unconventional will prevent them from doing this.
So, for ps3 it was difficult, time consuming and expensive. For WiiU, it's just a little too inconvenient.
Two completely different situations and reasons. One out of inability, and the other out of laziness.


So what you are saying is when devs don't wanted to work with PS3 it was the hardware fault, when the WiiU is at stake, it's devs fault?

Sorry, but just no. What happens in both cases is that the publishers and devs are too used with a mass-production process, which have a lot more to do with time/money than laziness.

Neither tech is really too hard or too new. Sony didn't invented CISC architecture, nor did Ninty invented the touchscreen.

PS3 had 3 main time consuming concerns at first:

1 - Time to port.
Because RISC platforms use a completelly different set of commands from CISC devs had to do the "whole work again" (not really), which is not practical for ports, publishers wanted fast cash-ins. This stopped being a concern as new engines were created that worked with both RISC and CISC in mind, saving dev time/publisher money.

2 - New challenges.
The usual tricks and shortcuts CISC allow can't be done in RISC, demanding extra work and testing to make sure everything was working properly. This is the laziness part as once this becames more usual it stops being a problem, other tricks are learned, but it was a time/money concern for publsihers none the less.

3 - Off-the-shelf solutions.
PS3 came one year after 360 with unusual assets, so most engines weren't ready for it. Beyong the RISC vs CISC, Sony also had a different approach for the whole OS and Online, while MS supported devs with the infrastructure ready to add on the disc (and mandatory to do so), devs had to do it by themselves in PS3. It meant as much freedom as it meant more work time.

Wii U is now facing the very same situation. What most devs are currently working on are not ready to port. Devs have yet to learn ways to work with it (it's not just "be creative", it needs to be functional too, it's not just laziness). And there's probably no commercial engine out there ready to work with both controllers and touchscreen at the same time with so many different functionalities allowed.

Developing all of this will cost time and, as so, cost money. Publishers are not always willing to properly invest money for devs, that should be pumping out games, to learn the new stuff. This probably will also cause a good chunk of subpar ports and first year games in general. Think of the Wii all over again, the motion controls were just too new, even through this kind of controls already existed before.

The good news is: sooner or later this stuff pass.

Ducky2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I find it odd to call them lazy when they're not under any obligation to develop for the platform to begin with.

Their job is to make games, and selling games earns them a living (it's a simplified way of looking at things).
If they don't want to work on a certain platform, then they'll be losing out on those potential sales. It's their loss essentially.

A lazy developer would be one that makes a half-assed port. A developer that doesn't want to work with a specific platform is just being honest about their preferences, not lazy.

PopRocks3592330d ago

At least give the comment context. I love how it's always "anonymous developers" saying this kind of thing about the Wii U.

I want to know what the reason for it is. There are plenty of developers who worked on the PS3 exclusively back when its reputation was that it was notably difficult to develop games on.

If you just say "It's too complex" which is contradictory to previous comments from some of the known developers who have said the exact opposite, then I want an explanation so as to understand the reasoning. It also urkes me that people will accept this comment without asking any questions about it.

Laziness of yet another one of these anonymous developers is irrelevant; the nature of the comment is far too shady to take simply at face value. What company do these developers work for? Are they indie? What games have they made, if any? Were they good games?

kneon2330d ago

I don't think it's that they are lazy, I think it's just a matter of the fact that at launch the Wii U will of course have 0 install base and we have no idea how fast it will grow from there.

So they can target 2 platforms which by then will have a combined install base in excess of 150 million, or also add in an entirely new platform with a tiny fraction of the install base. And then there is the issue of 3rd party titles having done rather poorly on the Wii.

DeadlyFire2330d ago

its just code for "we cant afford to develope on that platform yet"

MrMister2330d ago

How so? A simple port doesn't have to cost much at all, sir.

DeadlyFire2330d ago

Development kits for new consoles and new licenses for brand new engines do though.

donman12330d ago

What this comes down to is that a curtain number of developers just refuse to work on any Nintendo based hardware due to their personal bias or in some cases poor software sales in the past that hurt their bottom line (profits).

This generation the excuse was "The Wii just have inferior hardware", the current excuse is "Too complex to work on the Wii U" and when the PS4 and Xbox720 release the next excuse will be "The Wii U is not as powerful as these other consoles so our games will not work on it". There will be some developers that will never make games for a Nintendo console fueled party by their personal bias to the company and that's just how it will be. That's why we now live in a era of owning at least two different consoles to satisfy your gaming needs. I personally have a PS3 and will be getting the Wii U.

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Shok2330d ago

We already know many devs are gonna be usin this excuse, and of course we know that it's silly. And you don't HAVE to do something amazing with the screen.....just port your game over and let us choose which HUD elements we want on the controller, it's as simple as that.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32330d ago

I didn't disagree with you but the problem--I think I read--was that it's the exact opposite. They feel it's a problem porting Wii U games over to the other consoles because of the controller. Either way, it's still a cop-out.

mochachino2330d ago

I think in this age of ballooning development costs console makers should make their platforms as easy as possible to develop for. I don't want devs spending all their time trying to get games running properly, I rather they spend it on content, polish and gameplay refinement.

Machioto2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

@ mocha Just because it's easy doesn't mean dev are going to hit the ground running and produce beautiful games, it'll allow them to have a easier time making ports or the engine won't be finicky with the console and if anybody wants to see lazy dev work check out ps move implementation in ghost recon by iwaggle3d on YouTube .

user54670072330d ago

Am I having deja vu here

I'm pretty sure developers were like this with the PS3

Yet you know what most gamers responses were then instead of the whole "developers are lazy" thing

"Jeez...maybe Sony should of not made it hard to develop for"

It seems a little wrong to call developers for being lazy when Sony was called non stop for making a hard console to work with.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32330d ago

But that was the consensus, a lot of 3rd party devs said the PS3 was hard to work with and they didn't do this behind closed doors, they stated this openly.

user54670072330d ago

Whats that got to do with anything

Behind closed doors....saying it openly

It dosen't matter...they are still being called lazy by gamers when the last time they said this with the PS3 gamers called Sony for making it hard for them, basicaly sticking up for developers. Now they change their tune because it's Nintendo....thats not fair

If it's hard to work with then maybe Nintendo should of learnt from Sonys mistake and make it developer friendly.

Khordchange2330d ago

this isn't a power issue like ps3, it deals with "I don't know how to make something cool with the controller, so what ever"

That is just lazy. Thats why the sales have fallen for a lot recently for 3rd parties. They think they can just copy the cod formula and be good with it, and its just not how it works.

joeorc2329d ago

"this isn't a power issue like ps3, it deals with I don't know how to make something cool with the controller, so what ever"

you cannot have it both way's

saying that the PS3 was a power issue , but say that the extra screen would not pose a development problem is like saying just ignore the complex nature of how you design a game. both offer their own complex nature in development.

ronin4life2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Several devs have already said how easy it is to utilize the tablet. It literally takes a couple of minutes an a few line of code and it works.
The problem is that devs are lazy and creatively bankrupt, and can't conceptualize any interesting ideas for how to utilize the interface. They also want to be able to make a quick buck on multiplatform ports, which would be difficult if the control is originally utilized: which is just more laziness in an attempt to maximize profits with as few games as possible.

It may make sense financially for devs who want assured steady gains. But it sucks for gamers, who will have fewer games overall. Which in turn leads to fewer sales in the future and less money overall, actually... meaning it is bad for everyone.

Relientk772330d ago

Is this just gonna happen every generation now? This generation was PS3, then next its Wii U, are they gonna complain about the PS4 and Xbox 720 as well

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