Mick Foley Recreates His Best Moments In WWE '13

Mick Foley has revealed players will have a chance to recreate some of his best known moments from the Attitude era in WWE '13.

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Jackhass2330d ago

Always been a big Foley fan.

LarVanian2330d ago

One of my friends got to meet him in Belfast. The jealousy that I felt was extreme to say the least.

ieatbabies2330d ago

Mick Foley vs The Undertaker Hell in a Cell 1997 or 1998 King of the Ring. In my opinion his best match ever and one of in the history of WWF/WWE

labaronx2330d ago

looks like i have to add this to the list of buys this year.....

DJLB21152330d ago

Foley vs Taker at king of the ring 98 is still a tough one to beat but Taker vs HHH at 'Mania this year came close. Not as many death defying spots as foley, but lots of emotion and drama w DX involved

adamant7152329d ago

Lame as hell..

People still actually watch wrestling?

Moby-Royale2329d ago

Almost as lame as trolling articles, right?