“Need for Speed: Most Wanted” Confirmed; First Screenshot and Box Art Revealed

Need For Speed Most Wanted has been confirmed. The first screenshot and box art photo of the game are also included.

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PerpetualMathx103202d ago

very cool, lets keep it fun and re-playable, that means customization, good online set up for races, and a good city or race track structure that doesn't repeat itself.

GamersXTREME3202d ago

Agreed. I would love to see the customization return again. Criterion Games has an excellent handle on the racing genre as a whole so I'm not worried about this one.

Brawler3201d ago

They Ned to brig back nfsu those games were legendary

RioKing3200d ago

Back when ricer cars were cool -_-

NCAzrael3201d ago

I totally agree about customization. That, along with the lack of an urban setting, were the only things I was disappointed about with Hot Pursuit. Bring back the Underground and original Most Wanted style customization, and give a good mix of country side and urban environments, and give us free roam between races, and I'll be in Need For Speed heaven.

Jio3202d ago

If there's no customization and a good damage model, then I wont' be happy. Okay, I'll still buy it, but it'll just make me want a new Burnout.

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FinaLXiii3202d ago

Please be good like the original one.

tachy0n3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

sorry to break your heart bro, but the original Most wanted was made by Black-Box along with 2 other studios which probably dont exist anymore, this NFS is solely made by criterion, which they only know how to make racing games in a burnout style.

black box studios still exist but they sux!!
they completely ruined Need for Speed World with a patch they released yesterday :(

Neo Nugget3202d ago

So if Black Box was once great, but now suck, that means Criterion can definitely make a goog NFS (not that I have any doubts at all anyways).

tachy0n3202d ago

@Neo Nugget

yes it can make a good NFS most wanted but not like the nfs most wanted we really love from back in the day

MattyG3201d ago

The original Hot Pursuit was made by Black Box, and the remake by Criterio was great. I have faith that this will be great just like the original.

moeqawama3202d ago

I hope they bring back those cool, short movie clips they had in the original! Razor callahan baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.