July Cover Revealed: Gears Of War Judgment [Updated]

The new installment in Epic's million-dollar franchise is Gears of War: Judgment. The July cover of Game Informer shows series mainstay Damon Baird shackled as the Locust hordes rage around him. Augustus "Cole Train" Cole, soldier and world-famous Thrashball player, dons our second cover image in the same precarious situation.

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Convas2330d ago

Welps, it's just 3 days now. I need some clarification, because this is downright confusing.

blue7_72330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

What's confusing about it? It's a Gears of War spin off featuring Baird and Cole and some red headed girl called sophia hendricks.

Personally I think it's great I always thought Baird and Cole were a great team much better chemistry even better than Dom and Marcus much more entertainment and funnier moments between cole and baird.

jrbeerman112330d ago

I love Baird and Cole, im very excited about this. Hopefully this is a continuation and we can finally get some answers to so many questions.

I dont remember either of them being arrested in the lore so im sure this means its not a prequel

xVeZx2330d ago

i remember a red headed girl from the comics but i dont remember if that was her name...

MaxXAttaxX2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

It's a side story? Spin off? ehh...

I'm a bit confused.

LAZL0-Panaflex2329d ago

nah baird and cole are both annoying. I think they should've casted michael clark duncan's voice or tiny zeus lister's voice instead of that squeaky guy that plays coletrain.

Baird has to many corny jokes and one crappy one liners in part 3, part 1 he wasn't that annoying though. I think they just tried too hard to make him bigger than he was.

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OmegaSlayer2330d ago

GameInformer article uses 3 times a word with the "exclusiv" root.

"Exclusive Gear content"
"Exclusive and extensive first look"
"Our World exclusive first look"

None of the times related to XBOX360, though it must be said that the Halo 4 cover reveal didn't mention 360 exclusive either.

But yeah, nice to speculate a bit.

Kingdom Come2330d ago

The article states that the game is set to be revealed at Microsofts Press Conference and that it is for the Xbox 360, if it was multiplatform they would make a huge deal about it...

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Kingdom Come2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

I've been with the franchise since Day One and I can't wait for Monday. I am incredibly intrigued by this title and my obsession with the franchise continues...

Due to the article referring to a "multiplayer mode", it sounds somewhat singular, perhaps the game utilises Gears of War 3's multiplayer, of which I'd be perfectly fine with. Either way, I am unbelievably hyped and look forward to more details. Great to see Baird and Cole taking the centre stage, hopefully more character reveals to follow!

omi25p2330d ago

Im just hoping its nothing like Gears 3 gameplay wise.

I thought it was made far to easy and lost the challenge that made be love the series.

jrbeerman112330d ago

can you elaborate? not trolling actually a serious question as I am a huge gears fan and im not seeing what your talking about.

Unless your talking about sawed off (please dont be talking about sawed off)

spicelicka2330d ago

what does that even mean? How do you make a gears game without making it like gears? lol

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