7 reasons we're totally ready for the next-generation to start

GamesRadar writes: "With E3 right around the corner, the gaming industry is abuzz with rumors and speculation on the next-generation of console gaming. Nintendo is already kicking things off this year with the Wii U, and it looks like Sony and Microsoft might follow suit within a year or two with their respective 4s and 720s.

Yesterday we expressed our concerns with 7 reasons we're not ready for the next-gen, but today we decided to pick up a half-full glass, and optimistically explain why we’re totally, absolutely, unabashedly ready for the next-generation of gaming."

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jc485732329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I remember when ps2 had a bunch of great games especially rpgs to waste on. This generation totally lacks that and we're moving on to the next gen already? Man, I haven't seen much to be honest that wows me. What happened to the games?! What a disappointing generation.

Kingnichendrix2329d ago

ths fct mks me kry evry tiem :(

theeg2329d ago

"7 reasons we're totally ready for the next-generation to start"

#1. because all console games look last gen if you've played any major pc game from the last 4 years!

NastyLeftHook02329d ago

a couple years and were ready to go

Kingnichendrix2329d ago

I look forward to the next generation of rrod

MadMen2329d ago

I am ready; Bring IT

Xbox: tired of hearing about RROD and DVD

PS3: Jacked up launch, overly complex wasted hardware and lack of online killer aps

Nin: LOL no comment

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