Screw Final Fantasy VII, I Want A Chrono Trigger Remake Like This

A little Wind Waker goes a long way.

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Snookies122329d ago

*drools* As amazing as that looks, we won't see it... At least officially. With FFVII there's a chance, but the way Chrono Trigger/Cross' team broke apart we won't be seeing another or a remake. (Well there is that fan remake going on in UDK. Though we probably won't see it for quite some time, and since it's remaining completely secretive for obvious reasons we won't be seeing any video of it most likely either until it's actually released *if* it happens).

Whitey2k2329d ago

Snookies i cant see a final fantasy 7 remake i mean everyones been asking for it but square decided to give us the 2 fingers... its ok for them to do the others with remakes y not 7?

Eamon2329d ago

Actually Chrono Trigger is perfect as it is. It doesn't need a remake.

HawtSkull2329d ago

Chrono Trigger has probably the greatest jrpg soundtrack of all time. Give me this in HD with that Wind Waker art style. OH YEAH!!! My Money Is Ready

Army_of_Darkness2329d ago

But chrono cross has the best JRPG soundtrack ever.

HawtSkull2329d ago

I can't argue with you there because I didn't play Cross on the account of there being no Crono in the game tho I hear Magus was in it under a different name. If you would be so kind as to PM me some of the songs you think stood out in the game so I could check them out.

DethWish2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago ) PU8a8

this is all you need
of course remove the stupid space in the url

Lord_Sloth2329d ago

Was the "Screw FFVII" really necessary? There's no reason we can't have both.

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