Wishing for More in The Witcher 3

The Witcher 2 was a radical upgrade from its predecessor, and introduced several narrative intricacies that other RPGs (*cough* Mass Effect 3 *cough*) could seriously learn from. A vast improvement in nearly every facet, The Witcher 2 brought a dark and mature narrative coupled with a unique combat system to give hardcore Western RPG fans a true classic. So, where can CD Projekt RED go now? With the game’s few flaws addressed in the Enhanced Edition that was released earlier this year on Xbox 360 and as a free download for PC, it’s hard to really imagine what the dev team could bring to the inevitable sequel. However, with a little thought, a few things do come to mind….

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ninjahunter2423d ago

MOAR frames per second! XD Witcher two rean fine on high end rigs, but there was no tollerance for anything below a midrange rig, it would shred you computer to pieces. Just a though, a little scalability :)

starchild2423d ago

It runs great on my overclocked HD 7850. Im sure they can optimize the engine more for The Witcher 3, but I also want them to push the graphics even further. The Witcher 2 is my go-to game for eye candy. Luckily it is also an amazing game in every other way.

thebudgetgamer2423d ago

Maybe they will put iit on consoles first so they can actually make some moaney.

Theo11302423d ago

They spent less than 10 million to make, and they've more than double that. Enough money to fund Witcher 3 and their new Rpg.

lzim2423d ago

That was my argument.. but then console graphics suck so I doubt it is a priority. They don't seem as money grubbing as Crytek, while they still managed to make an incredible second game and have money to spare on other projects.

If anything they seem to be modest.

lzim2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

yes, and both are opinion.

The point was the jump in quality from the first to the second.

The first one was god awful ugly. The second, was interesting regardless of the 'sex scenes' which are still just above farcical (in the same league as soap operas).

If their 3rd game jumps in quality again, great, if it doesn't.. at least they have an established fan base and arguable their games are better than some notable other AAA franchises.

lzim2423d ago

Now, how fair is it exactly to compare a PC RPG franchise (thus bigger audience) to a dedicated console trilogy (that could have been Xbox exclusive) that actually managed to cram 3 AAA titles into the same console generation?

Hopefully BioWare does learn something, and hopefully that something is let the franchise and UE3 development die. To clean up the way they make 3D games before making another one. And about the only thing I hope they do in the short term is re-release the entire trilogy on Wii U, but that's not going to happen. After that I'm hoping they put whatever money they are getting back from the first arc into a new IP or a second arc in Unreal Engine 4 (unless the plan is to switch to Frostbite 2, or Cryengine 3).