Is That MotherF***ing Alucard In Lords of Shadow 2?

GR: "I could swear that Alucard is there. Since I didn't finish the first Lords of Shadow, I have no idea why Gabriel Belmont has these demonic powers, and this whip-hand thingy that lets him decimate entire crowds of mortals in mere seconds. And since they don't show his face, only a glimpse of the ghostly white hair and black, gold-trimmed garb, I can't say for sure if my favorite Castlevania character of all-time is in the game. But it sure as shit looks to be him, and it's enough to make me purchase Lords of Shadow and pick up where I left off. Because now, I've got to see what the hells is going on."

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NovusTerminus2425d ago

If that is him, then they screwed up his design. Alucard was a blonde, he did not have white hair.

ChickeyCantor2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

[Spoilers, even though the trailer spoils everything]
Neither was Dracula a belmont.
So what is your point?
It's a complete reboot.

NovusTerminus2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

My point is... I miss the original cannon, and I want it back...

Nah, if it is a reboot, and they want to tell a different story, why bring in Trevor, Simon (Who are almost 200 years apart in the original cannon) and possibly Alucard, all the while changing their designs?

And Gabby is not actually a Belmont, but he adopted the name of 'Belmont' cause he likes mountains.

Do what they did with LoS, make up thier own characters.

RyuX192425d ago

Since it's a reboot of the series and not a completely new IP they are going to use the same characters as the other games. It's just going to tell the story in a slightly different way to keep things interesting and relevant again.

If only DMC had a reboot as good as this one.

MoveTheGlow2425d ago

He could be older... undying, sure, but older...

Look, Lords of Shadow was a game that was thrown around as Castlevania, Not Castlevania, a reboot, a Kojima game, a foreign non-Kojima game... that's over now. Now they can hopefully... hopefully, hopefully, hopefully... take that engine and make a huge, SOTN-influenced game. Canon or no canon, I couldn't stand the non-Castlevanianess of LoS, and I hope the team wouldn't accept anything less than greatness the second time around.

Here's hoping...

CarlosX3602425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Either Alucard is older now, or that's Soma from Aria of Sorrow.

BTW, I always thought that Alucard's hair was grey because of the in-game character sprites.


And some character art in some cases show his hair grey with a little bit of highlights of blonde.

NovusTerminus2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

The art that shows Aludard is Ayami Kojima, she uses less color in the hair but it still is tinted towards being gold or blonde, she doesn't color the hair all the way.

Shanoa has black hair, but for the sprite she was given brown hair, because black blended into the environment to much, can't go off of in game sprites.

Also, it can't be Soma, as he WAS Dracula.

ChickeyCantor2425d ago

Actually Soma is a character from the future.
So they would probably not even introduce him in such an early stage ( If they kept some of the times relevant to this one...but I guess not)

Soma only becomes Dracula if you take the bad ending.

NovusTerminus2425d ago


Soma is Dracula reincarnated, he CAN become Dracula in one ending, but he is STILL Dracula's essence reborn no matter what.

So no matter what ending you take, Soma IS in fact Dracula.

CarlosX3602425d ago

@LordMe Ah, I see. I had no idea, Thanks!

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Moby-Royale2425d ago


That is my response to that.

I'm being playful, not bashing you for your opinion. I just personally do not find it to be an issue.


Lord_Sloth2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I believe LordMe is talking about the inaccuracy itself rather than saying it can't be Alucard.

SimpleSlave2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Of course that's not Alucard, all of'em are a bunch of posers.

This is the real Alucard:

MetalGearMetroid2425d ago

Really on my version of SoTN for Ps1, Alucard had white/silver hair. Same on the 360 port and Castlevania HD.

NovusTerminus2425d ago

Since you didn't read the rest of the conversation, I shall repeat myself to you, using my last bubble in this topic.

"The art that shows Aludard is Ayami Kojima, she uses less color in the hair but it still is tinted towards being gold or blonde, she doesn't color the hair all the way.

Shanoa has black hair, but for the sprite she was given brown hair, because black blended into the environment to much, can't go off of in game sprites. "

There now, you can also see above where I already posted this, where it also has the SAME image attached of the artist rendition Ayami Kojima did of Alucard.

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alexcosborn2425d ago

Never been a huge fan of the series, but the new trailer definitely has me intrigued.

yesmynameissumo2425d ago

LoS was fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyed the game. Dare I say I enjoyed it more than GoW3. And I loved GoW3.

jc485732425d ago

For once, Konami has hired a good developer. Kinda wish they did the same for Silent Hill.

ThatEnglishDude2425d ago

MercurySteam a good developer? The same people who bought us Jericho? LOL!

jc485732425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

really don't care what they did in the past. What matters is bringing us a decent game. At least they're good for something else.

dbjj120882425d ago

We'll forgive them for that. Lords of Shadow (1) has been awesome.

Ser2425d ago

You obviously haven't played Lords of Shadow if you think MercurySteam aren't good devs.

It was fantastic.

Lord_Sloth2425d ago

@ DrakBlack
That is an opinion, and a rather dumb 1. I've played Lords of Shadow and I still think they're awful devs! The game was clunky and the story was shite! I love Castlevania. I have since the 80s and I cannot stand Lords of Shadow. Too much like God of War, too many pointless story sections, annoying load screens, Chupacabra, and I can't jump over the lowest of attacks in the game.

Ser2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )


Do you think your opinion is better than mine? I feel pretty bad for you if that's honestly what you think. Calling someone else's opinion "a rather dumb 1" really shows your maturity level. My opinion is dumb because I think MercurySteam delivered on Lords of Shadow? No, I think not.

The game wasn't clunky. It played fine for me. Maybe you just couldn't get the hang of it? Loved the story as well. It was a refreshing take on the Castlevania lore.

I've been playing Castlevania since the NES as well, so my opinion holds just as much water as your own. Do you want another 2D Castlevania? There are plenty of those. Go and play one and pretend that Lords of Shadow doesn't exist. But don't go around saying that MercurySteam is a bad developer just because you don't like what they're doing with the franchise. I do believe that you're in the minority on this one. Most people seem to like what MercurySteam is doing.

Can't wait for Lords of Shadow 2. :)

(Also, I didn't disagree with you. Just Saiyan.)

ThatEnglishDude2425d ago

I have played (and own) Lords of Shadow. I just see it as God of War meets Shadow of the Colossus and does neither games mechanics justice. The whole game comes off as being kinda uninspired, unoriginal and bland at best. It's not BAD, but it's not particularly great either. It's just...there. Nothing remarkable. But hey, that's just me :)

CarlosX3602425d ago

@DrakBlack the way I read @Lord_Sloth's tone is this: "What? You haven't heard of Lord of Shadows? You're dumb." Because you're pretty much ignoring Lord of Shadows' existence, regardless of the fact that this game is the sequel to LoS.

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Neko_Mega2425d ago

Most likely is Alucard, because it looks like it might be him. Plus the hair color doesn't matter, seeing how on most game cases his hair looks white.

cstyle2425d ago

Loved the first one on the 360. I will be getting this too.

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