Hitman: Absolution E3 Preview [GameRevolution]

GR: "At face value, I suppose walking right up and snapping the guy's neck would have been more badass. That's what the guy sitting next to me did. While I was busy surveying the pagoda and watching the way the target moved around the town square, my gaming neighbor simply walked right up and killed the man we'd been tasked with murdering.

I gave him a confused look. He put the controller down and shrugged, but I refocused my attention on the plan of attack I was formulating."

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alexcosborn2332d ago

So psyched to check this game out!

cervantes2402332d ago

I've been looking for a new stealth game for quite some time and I'm glad to hear that Hitman: Absolution rewards stealthy gameplay. Definitely interested in this one.