Kotaku: RPGs Need To Quit Making Such Bad First Impressions

Kotaku's Jason Schreier writes, "Thirty minutes. That's all I need. Thirty minutes to decide whether or not a role-playing game is worth playing."

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thirty seconds, thats all i need, thirty seconds to decide wheter or not kotaku is trolling for hits... again

Snookies122356d ago

I could tell within about 15 minutes I was going to enjoy Tales of Graces lol.

Godmars2902356d ago

Would be nice to see script and story consideration on the level of a Chrono Trigger, FF4 or the first Wild Arms.

WA has okay mechanics, took a while for the fights to become challenging, but past the opening - which already had me hooked - the five minutes, the character introductions, finished the job. The total opposite of FFXIII, which I mistakenly gave fifty hours of my time before I finally gave up.

NovusTerminus2356d ago

Resonance of Fate's story was a little... Vague, but the gameplay and characters are great!

Kotaku, you have no patience for games it seems, a game wants you to learn on your own and you're lost? Did you ever make it into Demons Souls?

Inception2356d ago

I LUV Resonance of Fate!
And i agree with you that tri-ace can make RoF story better than that. But gameplay wise: it's awesome!

About joketaku, lol, they only try to make a hit. Don't took they words seriously.

MAiKU2356d ago

Kotaku just needs to quit.

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