The Game Master magazine apparently revealed the presence of Grand Theft Auto V at E3 2012

GTA V at E3 2012 may be a true

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Prcko2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

omg omg omg omg please be true!!!!!!!!!

NastyLeftHook02331d ago

If its will be megaton!

Wenis2330d ago

I think this website is the most annoying website I've ever tried to navigate. For that reason alone this article shouldn't have been approved

Snookies122330d ago

Lol, what is megaton replacing epic and huge now? XD

GraveLord2330d ago

It's not true. Who ever heard of this magazine anyway?

mushroomwig2330d ago

Plenty of people, I grew up watching the Gamesmaster TV show and this mag is a spin off from that.

stuntman_mike2330d ago

its a uk magazine been running for years since the show in the early 90's.

tigertron2330d ago

I have a DVD of the GM TV show's greatest hits with Domonic Diamond.

Blaze9292330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Rockstar never exhibits at E3. Why would they now? I mean I don't really get it...

They've shown, clearly, that they prefer to market their games on their own terms, in their own ways - usually out of freakin no where.

They might let someone announce GTA V content for them or something but the actual game, footage, and/or trailer will be held by Rockstar until they decide to roll out.

iamlegend99992330d ago

Probably going to have sony display it for them.

showtimefolks2330d ago

blaze please get your facts straight RS use to be at every E3 till the hot coffee issue in GTA:SA after that they were never on E3

so few years back they were at every E3

ThichQuangDuck2330d ago

Bioshock Infinite will not be at E3 yet it is listed also The Last Guardian would be more surprising then GTA V for me personally

Pandemic2330d ago

What the shit is "Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance"......

Scholla2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

HUUUUUUGE!!!! Now all we need is Rockstar to finally show up and introduce it themselves and bring Agent while your at it.

xtremeimport2330d ago

am i the only one who likes it when "surprises" arent leaked ahead of E3? media is obsessed with breaking stories before they happen and ruin the fun of the reveal. everyone is then expecting to hear or see something about it. just...let them surprise us okay. remember portal 2 on ps3 announcement? wasnt that fun guys?

xflo3602330d ago

Ive been reading gm since its begining ( yeah im old ) and im a subscriber and to be honest this could mean anything - could b insider knowledge that they let slip, could just as easily b what they hope to see at e3!

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RedDead2331d ago

Wut? Of course it'll be at E3

ardivt2331d ago

yeah I thought the same.
probably rockstar didn't want to be there (or they just don't need to be there) but one of the big 3 defintely wants them to be on their conference.
so imho either sony, ms or nintendo "bought" them for their show.

ghost042330d ago

If Rockstar is there for one of the three, my guess would be Sony. Agent was first announced as a Playstation 3 exclusive at E3 in 2009, so maybe we'll finally see something from Agent, and of course while their there they'll also promote GTA V on multiplatform.

Walker2331d ago

OMG, Look at that list, The Last Guardian is here . Hell Yessss .

Double_Oh_Snap2330d ago

How reputable is Games Master? GTA V is pretty obvious on the cover... getting hyped.

garos822330d ago

pretty respected mag in the UK.used to read it alot prior to internet boom and was my source of news for many years.if robin is still editor then I would take it as a given, unless the article is speculation which I haven't read yet

TheModernKamikaze2330d ago

It's very popular in the UK like the guy said.
I read it very much before the internet became my source.

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