Gaming with kids: Wasted time or worthwhile?

Albright, 38, says he's the only dad among his son's friend group that plays games with his kids. This jives with a recent AOL/Associated Press poll that showed four in 10 parents never game with their game-playing kids. "It's such a waste of time," one parent was quoted as saying. But is it? Or is gaming with your youngster a way to grow closer, teach lessons - and have fun in the meantime?

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solidt124665d ago

Kids like when there parents do thing with them that they like and if your kids like playing games then it's worth while.

Hapimeses4665d ago

My daughter and I play the PS3 together a great deal. We love it. Waste of time, my arse!


DEADEND4665d ago

It was my dad that got into gaming when I was 4, he bought home a Atari 720 and I've been playing games ever since. We used to play a ton of games together but as the games got harder he lost interest in them and that was around the time Nintendo was released.

Maddens Raiders4665d ago

gaming will be a part of their lives for sure, and I'll be sure to kick their little arses until they can do the same to me. I don't see how this can be a bad thing.

Cat4665d ago

My niece and nephew love to come over and play video games with us -- and they don't want to play by themselves. They want their aunt or uncle in the race, too, or fighting the "bad guys". No amount of evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, will convince these non-participatory parents to do anything with their kids they don't already want to do, though.

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