Club Nintendo Decreasing Coin Payouts

It's been common practice at Club Nintendo to earn lots of coins for purchasing eligible Nintendo Wii, 3DS, and DS titles in return for registering one's acquisitions. Fifty coins for a Wii game, thirty coins for a 3DS game... it's all familiar to club members. However, Nintendo is changing the rules and lowering the number of coins one earns for participating in the process.

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TheSuperior 2425d ago

Damn it i like getting stuff on there and i would prefer to get more coins not less x) i understand where they are coming from though :P

Relientk772425d ago

Wow this doesnt help me at all, In the past year I bought Skyward Sword and Xenoblade Chronicles, so all I'd be getting is 100 coins, and now you're telling me im not even getting that lol

MattG-PTB2425d ago

You're in luck! Those two releases are recent enough to retain their full value. Older titles, though, are taking a terrible hit.

Relientk772425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

Oh, I thought it would be like a certain date that every game and just everything would be reduced if u enter the codes lol. That's good to know thanx

NastyLeftHook02425d ago

zelda skywad sword was amazing.

ScubaSteve12425d ago

maybe if they had better prizes then