Half-Life 2 Ep: 3 Appears On Featured E3 List, But Not How You Want

There's been a bit of rumbling about having a page with Half Life 2: Episode 3 listed as a featured game of E3 2012. While it really wouldn't make sense for Valve to leak this information out to Gamespot of all places, there's actually a pretty simple reason for this exciting listing.

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ardivt2332d ago

I hope we get at least a small glimspe at HL3/episode 3.
Still I think that half life 3 is in desperate need of next gen technology.
I would like to see valve integrating gameplay parts of portal into hl3 (practically both games play in the same universe). and for advanced open world portal/physics puzzles the game definitely needs better hardware.

mep692332d ago

Half-Life and Portal are both intertwined already.

IaMs122332d ago

They have to be in the same universe because there are so many hints about it. How in portal they mention Black Mesa and it shows in Half Life 2 Episode the Borealis carrying Aperature Laboratory cargo.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2332d ago

I don't know what people see in half-life, I played 2 and it was pretty cool, but yeah that's it. I never played it again. Its probably just one of those things, like people with cod4 or bf2.

mep692332d ago

Sorry, but you can't compare multiplayer to single player. Especially one as amazing as Half-Life.

ardivt2332d ago

it depends on when you played it.
you know, back then in 2003 there was a release date valve just ignored without any further info and suddenly there came the leaked beta. and it was quite bad.
so everybody thought that everything valve has shown until then was fake or at least everything they had programmed.
after the beta disaster and seeing that valve had not really accomplished anything in five years of development expectations for hl2 were quite low.
and suddenly only one year later it got released and had physics and gameplayelements not seen before.
it was just amazing. but this is something you can just understand when you witnessed it back then :D

r212332d ago

woah, i did not know that. thanks for the info man.

Asgaro2332d ago

You fail.
It's about the awesome story telling. Nowadays most shooters have shitty singleplayer.

TheGameFoxJTV2332d ago

Other than Bioshock, name a modern Single player shooter where the story hasn't suck. For all the people who disagreed with Asgaro.

Asgaro2332d ago

Yes, only Bioshock, Deus Ex Human Revolution, and Mass Effect series (not played yet but heard good things) seem to have a decent story.
Other shooter franchises (there are a lot) don't bother about emotional story telling, and it's just about action and killing.
That gets repetitive (although still fun overall) if you have been a long time gamer.

wlchrbandit2332d ago

Uncharted? The series has some great storytelling.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2332d ago

Wasn't comparing mp to sp, I'm just saying some peoples standards for sp or mp was set by different games.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2332d ago

I guess if your not apart of the hive-mind your against it.... Disappointing

Bimkoblerutso2332d ago

The HL fanbase is nothing like the CoD fanbase. You don't need to get all defensive. People just disagree with the fact that you're writing off one of the most well-regarded singleplayer games in the industry (probably second only to OoT as far as notoriety is concerned) as a simple victim of the bandwagon mentality.

It's like accusing The Godfather of being popular for the same reason Transformers is.

napalmbrainmusic2332d ago

i used to play hl2dm 24/7 for years when it first came out was addicted

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