PlayStation 3 Achievements Clone On The Way

"Achievements" have become a major part of the Xbox 360 experience, with many games applauded purely because of how the system was implemented. Sony has seemingly taken due notice of the successful system and is currently adapting it for the PlayStation 3 and then some.

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HowarthsNJ5500d ago (Edited 5500d ago )

I always thought MS copied from the Insomniac "Skill Point" system from all the Ratchet games going way back.

CRIMS0N_W0LF5500d ago


Skill Points rock in R&C!

M$ Got nothing innovative :)

lesferdinand5500d ago

Isn't it just a rip-off of the awards (no clue what they're called anymore) in Super Smash Brothers Melee? Or was Ratchet released before?

HowarthsNJ5500d ago

They weren't all skill based though. Many were earned from repetitive tasks etc

Trophies.. hmm that brings us full circle again :-)

R&C came out in 2001 or 2002 IIRC.

InYourMom5499d ago

And Battlefield had in game achievements as well. The actual concept of rewarding gamers an "achievement" in a game is not knew. It's how MS took it to a whole nuther level with making them mandatory, setting up a points system(it isn't coinsidence that Uncharted has 1000 points) and tieing it all together across every single game. Every idea can be traced back to something else, but MS made achievements what it is today and whether you want to believe it or not(denial) Sony is ripping off this idea. Not that it is a bad thing, but you need to give credit for credit is due. That's one thing PS3 droids seem to have a hard time doing with their arrogance always in the way. Hell, even Sony can do it but their fanboys can't. Some serious mental problems going on with Sony fanboys ever since they got kicked to last place.

Nitrogen5499d ago

actually, insomniac invented skill points with spyro the dragon

HowarthsNJ5499d ago (Edited 5499d ago )

Pretty much worthless right?

Do they unlock extra game content or translate into currency that can be used on XBL?

I hope Sony does something much more with the concept, especially identify what game and skill the trophies come from.

As it is now gamers are racking up the points renting kiddie games just to inflate the numbers. Imagine how embarrassed they would be to have all those easy games listed on their card :-)

Edit: I have the Spyro PS1 games, thanks for the reminder.

Bubble Buddy5499d ago

No Insomniac started that, and with the whole round planets like Mario Galaxy copied

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Genki5500d ago

but I won't be satisfied if it isn't something tangible. I'm not attracted to numbers and titles(c*ck waving), I want something I can see and use.

Spike475500d ago

Nice HowarthsNJ.

I have really never cared much about online play the only thing that matters to me is that it works.

But hey PSn is free and did'nt mess up on me in the last few weeks like xbox live did.

Plus soon I'll get HOME, FOR FREE.


PStriple7035500d ago

Sony said there going BEYOND just achievements....

The_Engineer5500d ago

to the highest achiever should bring em in droves to PSN.

I would give away a game or PSN credit.

expect for xbuglive to follow suit within the week though, they have already shown they will copy any and everyhing Sony does in order to try to compete.

Hugh Hefner5500d ago

It is so ironic that you state:

"they have already shown [MS] they will copy any and everyhing Sony does in order to try to compete"

in the same thread we are talking about Sony cloning the Xbox Live achievement system. Pure irony.

Keyser5500d ago

it may be best if Sony doesn't give anything away. You know if they offer a free t-shirt for the most trophies people will make it their lifes goal to cheat and find away to get the prize.

I don't want the very satisfying PSN experience to become the cheaters/hackers playground. Though, Sony may be smart enough to pull it off. I guess we'll see.