The Wii U is arriving right on schedule according to this infographic

This fall’s launch of Nintendo’s new Wii U system is happening exactly when it should, according to this infographic, which charts the annual sales numbers for the last three Nintendo home consoles, and the pattern is pretty clear. Almost eerily so…

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acronkyoung2332d ago

Wow. The Wii really spiked their sales.

firefoxprime2332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

blue ocean bro. Yet, I bet 60% of those new ppl were casual gamers. The n64/GC sales represented the core gamers(ppl who adjust their lives to gaming, not adjust gaming to their lives).

DwightOwen2332d ago

Oh really?

I've been gaming for 24 years and currently have

a Wii
an Xbox 360 slim
a PS Vita
a 3DS
TWO Sega Dreamcasts
a Macbook Pro
an iPhone 4
a $1,500.00 self-built PC

and I don't "adjust my life to gaming." I game when I have the time. Guess I'm not a core gamer.


Maybe you're just a broke-ass fanboy who's mad that he can't afford both a Wii U and whatever else you play with.

REALITY CHECK: those "casuals" you look down your nose at have MONEY (unlike the majority of teen twats here on N4G) and Nintendo was BRILLIANT in targeting them instead of engaging in the stupid, self-defeating "console arms race" between Sony and Microsoft (both of which, I might add, have LOST money this generation). Now Nintendo is poised financially to take over this industry while the other two twiddle their thumbs trying figure out to give you ignorant console lovers the same quality graphics that can be found on my PC for a price you're willing to pay without going into bankruptcy. WHY DO YOU THINK NEITHER HAS MENTIONED ANYTHING REGARDING THEIR "NEXT GEN" HARDWARE YET? It's because you "core" (read: BROKE-ASS) gamers don't want to pay for it.

Suga Shane2331d ago

@ DwightOwen

I normally do not log in I simply read the articles and the comments and move along but I have to agree with you 100%. I am glad to see that there are people like me out there that have multiple gaming systems yet play when time is available. I became stuck in this crazy life thing and it doesn't allow many opportunities to game but when I do, I have options. Neither us us are "hardcore" it seems.

shackdaddy2331d ago

It's sad it did so poorly. It really was a good console (and controller)...

2v12332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

look like neck braking for me ...un anD down up and down from looking at the tv up and lookind at the controller screen down . hope is not the case imagin the lawsuit

maniacmayhem2332d ago

Thats neck breaking?
I'm sure designers and production are working endlessly every night to make sure the user experience is flawless.

DivineAssault 2332d ago

Hopefully it launches simultaneously worldwide & not in japan during western holiday season.. That would just be stupid & kill the hype for it if it isnt DOA.. I want this system to succeed 3rd party wise.. I know ill get my moneys worth from 1st party greatness on it but id like to see some exclusive 3rd party AAA releases throughout its lifespan

2v12332d ago (Edited 2332d ago )

im not hating, that was something that i thought and decide to write down, i click on the story and ther was that screenshot of the wiiu and zelda and how ther was no menus on the screen,that something nice and kind new btw....