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Resistance: Burning Skies combines Killzone’s cover system with the weapon variety of its console big brothers, but removes the tactical encounters in beautifully morbid, once-great environs and replaces them with shooting galleries on confined streets and in enclosed spaces. That said, the game does offer something of a blueprint for future FPS developers on the Vita, both positive and negative.

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Dante1122331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

The reviews for this game are so mixed. I ended up buying it though, seems pretty good from what I'm playing. The second boss fight was intense and big in scale.

remanutd552331d ago

excellent decision you made, i totally love the game, its my favorite psvita game so far, online multiplayer is tons of fun, very addictive. this game has set the bar for others fps on the system, i do think Nihilistic should add 3 more maps because 6 are gonna get bored pretty quick, great game though. oh 1 more thing sad ending lol.

dragon822331d ago

I see by the disagrees you two have recieved, someone doesn't want you to like this game.

RedDead2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

Buying this game because it's called Resistance <:P

No thanks i'm not retarded. Resistance devs didn't even make this one. Still though. The sheep will flock to their masters.
That's because Resistance 2 shot some of it's sheep..duh. This game is a stain on the resistance series, even when 2 wasn't as good as 1(imo), it was still better than this tripe. Just wait till a good FPS comes out on Vita and everyone will say "finally a good FPS for it, Resistance BS was actually ****".

2pacalypsenow2331d ago

what sheep? so fans of a series are sheep? and Resistance 3 didnt sell well so it cant have sheep

Ser2331d ago

Nah, I'm on my way to Target to pick it up right now. If I'm a sheep, that makes you a hipster.

2pacalypsenow2331d ago (Edited 2331d ago )

all the reviews complain how simple the game is compared to Resistance 1-2-3 , and the Gun sounds and the unplayable launch online , so in other words is being compared to a ps3 game Its imposible to get a good review based on that . And battlefield 3 was unplayable the 1st day I don't remember the review talking about any of that .

edwineverready2331d ago

love the mp. Playing it at my job every nightshift. for me playing a firstperson shooter online at my work is a dream come true :)

DlocDaBudSmoka2331d ago

goddamn, are all reviewers crybabies now?? all he did was complain about the game. couldn't have been that bad if he platinum'd it. If DS and IOS are so great, why did he even purchase a vita.