Updates Battlefield 3 Needs ASAP

The award winning franchise from EA / DICE has always been praised for its realistic gameplay and stunning graphics. According to many players, Battlefield 3 is far from being a perfect shooter. What's wrong and what can still be improved?

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xxxAnubisxxx2382d ago

Agree with all of these, 100%.

caseh2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

1) Kick functions should be reserved for admins and NO ONE ELSE. Not playeed MAG on PS3? Players will kick a player just because they are a squad leader and they want that position.

2) Tank is powerful enough, 1 round will disable a jeep and usually kill all people on board if not leave them with next to 0% health.

3) Can't be arsed to go through those.

4) I never lag or get disconnected. Game has frozen 2-3 times in 250+ hours of gameplay.

5) LMGs shouldn't have ANY use unless prone, its a SUPPORT weapon and should act as such. Players getting headshots from the hip at 50m is something these guns shouldn't be capable of.

6) Jets underpowered, you having a laugh?

7) Alongside engineer, assault easily has the best rifles with the M320 option and the chance to revive players. Again, how is that underpowered?

T3AMRR2381d ago

??? Underpowered Jets ??? Looks like you don´t fly at all.....................

DasTier2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

No way are Bipods OP, They are the most unreliable things in the game. They SHOULD give a much greater bonus compared to what they currently do. However, I do think they should only be available for the Support and recon class.

ardivt2381d ago

I for one like the game as it is now.

DasTier2381d ago

Agree completely, all these weapon changes are just done because a minority group of players complain. They want guns they use to get boosted and ones they don't to be nerfed. All these pandering updates to weapons piss me off.

arnyftw2381d ago

Well, I agree with all of them other than the voting one. In quite a lot of games with voting systems like that it doesnt work. People just vote yes as soon as the voting thing comes up without looking at the persons stats or anything. As soon as somebody brings you up, you're out. A better idea would be vote to change map, or mode or something.

hiredhelp2381d ago

Inwant vote system pc so pc gamers can try to eliminate aimbot users.

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