Why Gears of War 4 will be on the Xbox Next

Gears of War 4 on the Xbox 360 ? Maybe says JeuxOnline.ca, but not only on this platform according to a source.

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PerpetualMathx104436d ago

i think it coming to the xbox360 or xbox-next-gen are equally plausible, definitely since that game trailers tv host said they will debut the next generation of gaming onduring E3 on their show. that could easily mean anything (wiiU, unreal enne 4 tech demo,etc.) but i could definitely see this being shown off as a new title running on the unreal engine 4 but not announced for any system, and that would certainly indicate to the audience it would be on some mystery console in the future.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34436d ago

Rumor has it, the next Xbox would have an upscale chip built in it specifically for games, so...

PerpetualMathx104436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

so what would an upscale system do for the system?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34436d ago

It up-scales this generation of games to look better on new hardware. Just like up-scaling of dvds.

ardivt4436d ago

I really doubt it as this chip probably would be quite costly. just look at how it made the first ps3 models expensive

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Kingdom Come4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

Gears of War Judgment is releasing on Xbox 360 late 2013, a friend of mine has the Game Informer Issue and very kindly e-mailed me scans... Being someone who's been with the franchise since day one, the changes described in the magazine are both awesome and yet leave me somewhat apprehensive. But regardless the game sounds amazing. PM me if you want specific details, I'm always happy to discuss Gears...

ChunkyLover534436d ago

I'm sure Gears Of War 4 will be on the next Xbox, but Gears Of War Judgement is going to be on the Xbox 360.

Moncole4436d ago

Xbox next has to be out soon because windows 7 will play Xbox 360 games and that will kill sells.

lashes2ashes4436d ago

I hope you mean windows 8, I'm having a hard time getting my laptop to play Xbox games.

Moncole4436d ago

Yeah that what I mean. I made a typo.

dark-hollow4436d ago (Edited 4436d ago )

This "windows 8 will play all xbox games" rumor is ridiculous for various reasons.

First off, to assume that's windows 8 will simply play any 360 game by just putting the game and play it means that the obvious method for doing this is through emulation of the 360 hardware.

Do you know how you need a beast of a pc to emulate the 360? We are probably good 5 years before we have even the hardware enough to emulate the 360 at steady frames.

And for those who says "but my pc is way more powerful than the 360" yes you are right, looking but emulation is a totally different beast, hell you'll probably have problems with emulating gamecube games and those are more than 10 years old!

So what would make sense is ms porting halo, gears and whatever to the pc instead of emulating the whole hardware.

konnerbllb4435d ago

Whoever disagrees with this guys comment has no clue how emulation works.

Download a ps2 or xbox 1 emulator just to see how bad emulation is with relatively new systems. The PC hardware required to emulate relatively new systems is extreme. The average person won't be able to do it, you will get better stability on gaming pcs but it still won't be perfect.

Moncole4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

I know how emulation works, I have a PS2 and Gamecube emulator on my PC that run a steady 60FPS. MS is probably able to program an emulator into Windows 8 that works like a regular program and not like a Gamecube emulator or PS2 emulator.

dark-hollow4435d ago (Edited 4435d ago )

"regular program and not like a Gamecube emulator or PS2 emulator."

Regular program? I don't know what you mean but it simply not possible only through emulation the original hardware.

Xbox got PowerPC processor while PCs CPUs are X86. the architecture is simply different, I know that Microsoft is better positioned than anyone to build a JIT compiler to translate the PowerPC instructions to x86, but there is no current pc that can run it at steady frames.

And its not like ms gonna pull magical software out of their asses that ableto do this. The only way to do it is through emulation.

look at the xperia play, even though its from Sony but it doesn't run ps1 natively but Sony made a special emulature for it to run those games.


5 Video Games That Should Have Been Shorter, and 5 That Should Have Been Longer

GB: "Nailing an experience's length is easier said and done, and one way or another, these games left a little to be desired on that front."

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Petebloodyonion539d ago

I always have a problem with games that should have been longer when lasting 8-10 hours.
Here's a question I ask all the time when ppl say that.
How many times have you replayed the story of a great game like Tlou2, GOW, Final Fantasy remake, GTA, Zelda, or any other 20 hours plus game? and usually, the answer varies between 0 and rarely 1.

So what's the point of having great 30 hours plus games if you will never replay them because of level, section, grinding dragging too long?

Lifexline539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

I agree I’m not sure how people find the time to play all these games. 20 plus hour games are great but for me 8 to 10 is the sweet spot. Those games take to long to finish specially when you have a backlog of games waiting to be played. Plus 20 plus hour games always have downtime and unnecessary side quests that can be boring too much fodder imo.

Being on your phone is one thing you can access websites like this everywhere on your phone or mobile gaming. But games you have to find the time to play them. Which is why I don’t understand why so many people want like ten games it seems In a month.

LucasRuinedChildhood539d ago (Edited 539d ago )

I think you're missing the point a bit.

A game can be 8-10 hours long and use that time really well, but it can also only start to get good far into the playthrough and leave the player feeling short-changed.

Hotline Miami is only 4-5 hours long but it's extremely well paced and time well spent. But if only got really good towards the end, I'd want it to be longer.

Stanjara539d ago

You just look at trophies and se that around 20% or less actually finish their games.

CrimsonWing69539d ago

I've replayed all those games except GTA and Breath of Wild because I can never finish them.

The Last of Us 2 i've replayed 4 times. God of War (2018) 2 times, Final Fantasy Remake 3 time (technically Intergrade twice since went on Steam and I wanted 100% achievements), and if we do want to bring in Zelda I've played Ocarina of Time probably 4 to 6 times a few times on N64, another time on 3DS, and twice on virtual console Wii and Wii U.

I am sure I'm not alone in replaying long games and honestly it's like I'm finished within a week or two and that with balancing responsibilities and a social life. Shorter games take even less time.

BrainSyphoned539d ago

Without mentioning Skyrim.. I've got two platinum trophies for Persona 5 and am playing it on game pass right now. Beat FF7R on normal twice and hard once and will play it again before the next one. Non story games- MHW I've made characters on PC/Xbox/PS with at least 600 hours on each platform. I don't care to play a mediocre games that are 8 hours long. The reason my backlog is so long isn't because that many good games are released each year it is because I replay the best ones over and over. Same deal with audio books. I've gone through book series multiple times every time a new one is coming out.

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Soy539d ago

Disagree with Days Gone - yeah it took a while to really get going, but I appreciated it when I was done. Jumping right in at 4-5 hrs or whatever would've made the rest feel less impactful. RDR2 and Mankind Divided felt just right too, I wouldn't change them at all.

What needed less time was AC Valhalla. I was more than ready to be done with that by the time it was 2/3 over. Just too much useless stuff, and I hated the Asgard sections.


Ranking The Gears Of War Games From Worst To Best

The Gears of War series has been a consistent deliverer of quality for Xbox, but which games are the best?

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KicksnSnares764d ago

Gears of War is my favorite video game franchise, and the Locust is my all-time favorite faction.

My rank list:
1. Gears of War 2
2. Gears of War 3
3. Gears of War 1
4. Gears of War 4
5. Gears of War 5
6. Gears of War Judgment (No Locust in multiplayer was a disgrace)

ChasterMies763d ago

Agree 100% with this ranking. The campaign in Gears of War 2 is among the most fun campaigns ever made. It’s been downhill from there.

Zombieburger638763d ago

I’d say gears 2 and 3 are pretty even. I absolutely loved both of them.

darthv72764d ago

2 is still my favorite but 5 is also up there (for me). Then I'd say 1, 3, 4 and Judgement. Tactics isnt the same type of game, so it seems odd to rank it among TPS when its a strategy game. So I make that one all its own. Pretty fun game too.

Jericho1337764d ago

The first is and has always been the best one imo - the story, the levels, the set pieces, the soundtrack - as close to perfect as a campaign can get.

I’d say the series had been on a continual downhill slide until 5.

Om4ever763d ago

Naaaan ... 2 is the best by far