PlayStation At E3: Sony Surprises? (Prima Games)

What surprises will Sony have in store at its press conference next week?

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NastyLeftHook02383d ago

im hoping for new ip's, on top of the ones we have heard already.

Run_bare2383d ago

I hope they surprise us completely, not somewhat half surprise.

NastyLeftHook02383d ago

Yes those kind of reveals are generally the best.

blu_yu_away2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Agreed with that one. While I absolutely love many of the established franchises this gen (mass effect, uncharted, gears, infamous, etc.) they seem to be getting a bit stale at the same time and I just don't find myself getting quite as hyped for them.

I want to see some fresh ideas to really get me excited. Games like the last of us have me foaming at the mouth and I really want to see some more new exciting IPs.

Cyrisaurus2383d ago

As long as we get a 5+ minute live demo of The Last of Us, Sony wins E3 as far as I'm concerned.

Bathyj2383d ago

I feel the same way about The Last Guardian.

DigitalRaptor2382d ago

Don't ask me why but I have a feeling The Last Guardian will be at Sony's conference, maybe as the closer. i'm probably setting myself up for disappointment, but I like to hope. Especially when it comes to that game.