Hard choices: Graphics Card Update

Knocking out hardware guides for RPS has been heap good fun, thanks in no small part to the enthusiastic après-post banter. But it’s also created a bit of a monster. Problem is, things move fast in ye olde world of tech and especially in graphics. It’s been getting on for four months since our first perusal of the world’s finest pixel pumpers.

That’s long enough for AMD and NVIDIA to roll out a small army of new graphics chips. The good news is that the four 3D boards I recommended back in Feb still look pretty sharp, partly because the arrival of new chips has pushed prices down. But there are also some new GPUs I reckon you need to know about and some broader trends to think about. So here goes.

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caboose322382d ago

I'm in this position right now. I've got an old GTS 250 from a few years back and I've been looking to update, but there are just so many damn choices.

tachy0n2382d ago

im good with my overclocked GTX 460 and Q6600

i almost never update my hardware and max all games!!