Evidence Points Towards PS3 And Xbox 360 Price Drop At E3 2012

With E3 just around the corner (3 days!), speculation about what will be announced during the press conferences is running rampant and for price drops on consoles, there is some evidence out there which points towards a cheaper price tag for both the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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LOGICWINS2422d ago

If the PS3 will get a price drop...I wonder what that'll mean for Vita.

Myst2422d ago

I think there was an article on N4G that speculated on the vita getting a bit of a price cut. (First one I found). I don't know what it's about and well since I have a vita news of a price cut does nothing for me to be honest. So if this article states something that is not in line with the price cut sorry just the first thing I saw upon search.

TrendyGamers2422d ago

It's just a video cast about how he doesn't think the Vita needs a price drop.

Myst2422d ago

Ah okay well there seemed to be some others as well so not sure a lot of people seem to think it will be getting a price cut. Wouldn't be too surprised if it did happen but wasn't a massive one.

TrendyGamers2422d ago

From what I've seen, it's mostly just analysts saying it needs a drop to stay competitive.

LOGICWINS2422d ago

"It's just a video cast about how he doesn't think the Vita needs a price drop."

If Vita gets an official price cut this year, then its pretty obvious that Sony feels the same way.

darthv722422d ago

lots of them pop up on craig list. I contacted a guy about his 3g/wifi unit with 16gb mem card for $170 but he already sold it :-(

In any case...if it does get a price drop it prob wont be more than $50 off each model.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2422d ago

Sadly, all three is needed for the Vita sales to pick up. Price cut alone won't dramatically increase sales imo. I know of several people that would buy the Vita at the price it is now if the vita had games that they liked.

lilbrat232422d ago

If the PS3 does get a price drop it's probably to $199.99 it would be nice if for a week sale it went down to $149.99

Hicken2421d ago

Why would it mean anything for the Vita? The 3DS didn't get a price drop because it was more expensive than the Wii; its drop was for other reasons.

Why should/would Sony cut the price of the Vita because the PS3's price may be coming down?

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xtremexx2422d ago

if it goes down, then ill be happy because im shopping for a PS3.

BringingTheThunder2422d ago

i wonder why they tweeted that? it kinda confirms something at e3 will happen with the price, i doubt sony is happy about that

NYC_Gamer2422d ago

Its only right that 360/PS3 receive price cuts since the new consoles are around the corner 2013

shodan742422d ago

Agreed. Certainly makes good business sense.

Relientk772422d ago

Makes sense to me, they need to have them more affordable to compete with the Wii and also Nintendo's Wii U this holiday season

LOL_WUT2422d ago

Yeah Sony and Microsoft could really take away some sells from Nintendo if they reduce the price. If i were them i would wait and let the price cut go into effect a few days before the Wii U launches.

BringingTheThunder2422d ago

if they drop it now, people will be too busy buying black ops and other games to pay for the wii u.

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The story is too old to be commented.