Microsoft set to reveal 'Xbox Smart Glass' tablet at this years E3

"The last couple of weeks leading up to E3 have been good for anyone that loves insider information. Today’s leak is the largest one yet, and comes from Microsoft. The people behind "Xbox" and "Xbox Live" will be revealing the Xbox Smart Glass tablet behind closed doors to a select group of people."

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KingSlayer4291d ago

Gee...sounds inspired by the Wii U.

360GamerFG4291d ago

Can't disagree with you there. Then again, Nintendo has been leading the way for ages with everyone else copying them.

NastyLeftHook04291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

nintendo has been leading the way with gamecube specs for the wii? wtf.

@reddead you know sony innovated with bluray(making it standard right? they innovated with sixaxis for the ps3 controller, they have done much this gen.

RedDead4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

Nah MS are the ones who made Online as good as it is on Consoles, nintendo just do everything else first. haha Yeah though Sony copy like a bunch of little ******s

No tentonsoftube, nintendo are the only ones really innovating. It's just a damn shame they focus on casual over us.

modesign4291d ago

except nintendo copied the whole tablet fab

ALLWRONG4291d ago

For the acception of achievements, streaming media, and Live, Nintendo has lead the way this entire gen.

MetalGearMetroid4291d ago

Yea Sony and Xbox copied motion controls and look how that went.

I wouldn't call the worst controls in video game history innovation.

darthv724291d ago

as it is getting in on the action. Essentially, pretty much all mfgs are joing the tablet foray and trying to get a slice of that pie.

You cant blame them really. So there is no copying of this or that. MS has been working on the tablet version of WP7 so the likelyhood of them revealing some sort of tablet that has xbox connectivity isnt that far off.

I mean they added live support (albeit limited) with the wp7 phones. Why is it so bad they do the same with a tablet? All 3 know the risks involved with staying the course when it comes to traditional gaming.

look around people, gaming is evolving and so should the way we play. I mean that in the sense that being able to play some type of game is winding up on almost everything. The games may not be in the same league as traditional games but they are games none the less.

Ser4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

For all of you uninformed folks, Sony had the EyeToy before the Wii even existed. Fact. Nintendo is only innovative because people don't research enough. Oh, and Kinect was already done by Sony as well...with the EyeToy.

The WiiU is a console crossed with an iPad. That's not very original and innovative to me. It was only a question of who's going to produce it first.

GribbleGrunger4291d ago

you all copied your parents genes. get over it

sikbeta4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

This is an APP that let you access the X360 through the tablet, it's not a new product or add-on

MS doesn't need to make a tablet for 360 or XBX3, they could create an app that let you use *any* tablet as a controller, that would be smart

guitarded774290d ago

To me it sounds like a Microsoft tablet... more like an iPad or Galaxy. Difference is, it has some cool features that will allow you to control your XBOX 360 remotely. Kinda like how the Windows phone has some XBOX 360 apps. It doesn't sound like a direct XBOX product, more like a general Microsoft product. Anyway, sounds cool... can't wait to hear more. This is my favorite week of the year.

CaptainN4290d ago

@ Drakblack did you really just tell people that they should do research and then run off about how Sony was first involving the Eyetoy interacting with games?

Let me educate you on something....Nintendo had the Game Boy Camera way before there was an Eyetoy, so I suggest you do some research. Nintendo was doing camera games way before Playstation and originally it was supposed to be used in Perfect Dark with the N64 Transfer Pack but there was to much fear about taking peoples pictures and putting there faces in a FPS at the time so they took the feature out.

@modesign Nintendo was developing there game tablet before tablets even became common.....they even said this during an interview last year. They didn't copy the fad, it just so happens that what they were developing and what computer companies were developing happened to coincide.

As for staying on topic, this could be a good feature for Xbox and it may add additional gameplay elements. I'm sure they will try to replicate Wii-U options if they can, but hey that's what happens in the gaming world. Someone has a good idea, and everyone runs with it. If it works for Xbox and its fans, good for them.

Ser4290d ago


I actually OWNED the Game Boy camera and printer. Saying that the camera shared anything in common with the PlayStation EyeToy is a stretch at best. The camera shares nothing in common with the EyeToy aside from the fact that it was a camera. (And calling the Game Boy camera a "camera" is a stretch. It was pretty bad.)

If anything, the EyeToy has more in common with Kinect than the Game Boy camera.

Nice try, but that was too far of a pull. The Game Boy camera is nothing like the EyeToy. Your username is "CaptainN," so I guess it's expected.

turnerdc4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )


The EyeToy was nothing new when it came out. PC webcams that had similar games were available long before the EyeToy. I remember playing webcam games when I was a kid using our Intel webcam on our Cyrix MII Windows 98 computer. Sony didn't create something new, they took an already existing technology and moved it over to the PS2.

TheXgamerLive4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Tenran, did u actually mention "sixaxis" and keep a straight face?

Also, you do know bluray wasn't just sony......don't you?

pixelsword4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

NOPE, not even close: Microsoft had that technology FIRST.

It was Microsoft surface:


They have been showing that for years before touch-screen gaming was shown on handhelds.

Move was shown before the Wii existed like in 2000


honkyjesus4290d ago

They invented tablets used for gaming?

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Rainstorm814291d ago

sounds like its inspired by Apple like the Wii-U

ginsunuva4291d ago

Tablet /= controller with a screen

oricon4290d ago (Edited 4290d ago )

Blu ray is not a gaming innovation, its just storage, all it does is store more data compared to other disc storage.

Lol at everyone disagree 360gamerFG
Yeah no one copied nintendos
- Shoulder buttons
- Analogue control
- Memory Pack
- Rumble
- Motion

And lol @ comparing eyetoy to the wii.

All companies have innovated but its so funny how this site everyone acts like nintendo has done jack.

Yes the wii does not have great hardware but it did bring motion control that is the innvotion, the jump from 2d-3d with polygons was innovation just improvements to graphics is not innovation it does not change anything gameplay wise its just makes the games look better.

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ElementX4291d ago (Edited 4291d ago )

I really wish writers wouldn't put spoilers in the title around gaming expo time.

SuperLupe4291d ago

Same here man, I think I'm leaving this site till E3.

ardivt4291d ago

Wow this would be amazing! maybe finally one good reason to own a 360 :)

clank5434290d ago

Look, 360 games don't really fit my tastes and that's why I don't own one. But a stupid tablet that I have to spend more money on then it's worth is certainly no reason to suddenly get one.

yesmynameissumo4291d ago

$199. Streaming capabilities only available to Gold subscribers.

soundslike4291d ago

Plus 20 cents per minute per feet away from your TV. For maximum cost efficiency we advise you sit as close as you can.

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