Rumour: PS4 to be backwardly compatible?

Sony isn't ready to turn its back on backward compatability just yet, according to a job ad put out by the company.

So is reporting, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is currently advertising for a software engineer to deal with backward compatability for both the PS3 and an unspecified next-gen console – which sounds an awful lot like the PlayStation 4 to us.

Specifically, the engineer will be required to implement and optimise emulation software for PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 games on both formats.

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PS360WII4667d ago

Hmm don't we have 9 years to wait before we worry about this...?

crunchie1014667d ago

Ah yes, but when the PS4 comes out you'll be able to download every PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 game onto your 10TB hard drive from the Sony Virtual Game store!

wageslave4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

PS1 September 1995
PS2 October 2000
PS3 November 2006 (a Year Late due to problems).

See that? 5 Year Lifespans.

Sony Cannot UNILATERALLY withdraw from this industry-standard lifecycle without getting lapped.

Sure, Sony might say "PS3 has a 9-10 yr lifecycle", and its probably "true" in the sense that the PS2 is still available -- but the PS4 will almost certainly ship sometime near 2010.

Sony was crowing about the long lifecycle for one reason: To mute the criticism that their shipping late would cut into the useful life of the console for those who waited.

Its CLEAR marketing and PR, anyone who thinks that the PS4 isnt going to arrive sometime near the Xbox 720 is foolish and naive.

@1.3 & 1.8:
"and its probably "true" in the sense that the PS2 is still available"
Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?

The discussion is about the birth of the PS4, not the end of the PS3... but way to confuse the matter kids.

From IGN's Hardware shootout:

"CONCLUSION: When you break down the numbers, Xbox 360 has provably more performance than PS3. Keep in mind that Sony has a track record of over promising and under delivering on technical performance. The truth is that both systems pack a lot of power for high definition games and entertainment."

Dont buy the usual Sony marketing lies; the PS3 is no more "powerful" than the Xbox 360. Please, you Sony followers can't be that naive to buy up Sony's "its a laser-powered-mega-super-space -station-controller-mega-super hardware!!1!" they've made THESE SAME CLAIMS EVERY GENERATION. Its called M*A*R*K*E*T*I*N*G - you must have better media savvy than this, how do you people survive in the world?

Oh, and the Xbox 360 can also have its OS updated...your point?

PirateThom4667d ago

A lifespan isn't from the start of one to the start of another, it's from the start of one until that one stops production officially:

PlayStation - November 1994 - March 2006
PlayStation 2 - March 2000 - ??
PlayStation 3 - November 2006 - ??

ry-guy4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Whoops. Read a previous comment wrong.

PirateThom4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Never mind....

liquidsnake4667d ago

That's a game coming out this year for Genesis, they aren't actually recreating the console. Its a difference between if you haven't noticed.

lesferdinand4667d ago's a very smart move. PS3 BC was always meant to be software-based. Only because they didn't have the software ready in time they included hardware BC, which increased the cost of the system. You can't have this stuff ready too early.

I'm hoping though that the PS4 will be based around the Cell architecture so that developers can leverage more of their knowledge during the generational shift.

TruthBTold4667d ago

as Private Thom said, PS2 games are still being developed so who ever owns a PS2 will still have new games to buy, so yeah, its still living, I mean why else would people still be buying the console. Just thought you should know that.

PS360WII4667d ago

Oh yea I know. That was me mocking :)

mikeslemonade4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

When Blu-ray wins Sony has no incentive to bring out the next system. They don't want to lose more money by bringing another system. It's obvious that they're only thinking about next system because it's never too early to have a plan. PS2 emulator hasn't even been made and PS3 games so far are still hard to develop for let alone a software that will emulate PS3. This a rumor probably made my jealous xflops because they only have two generations of games which is kameo and gears of war and the next xbox is coming out next year.

And maybe the most logical thing they're trying to make is the next iteration PS3 that plays digital downloads only. Since Sony knows blu-ray won't last forever they're going to bank on the PS3 to do digital downloads just as the next xbox will have digital downloads. And this PS3 would be cheaper without the drive. And this protects Sony so that MS won't be able to 1up Sony and say they have this special thing.

lesferdinand4667d ago

"PS3 November 2006 (a Year Late due to problems)."

The PS3 wasn't late, it was rushed to arrive early. The only reason Sony ever announced an earlier date was to keep people from getting a 360. Which kind of backfired.

TheTwelve4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Wage, you're forgetting that the nature of the PS3 and its firmware updates allows it to be relevant even longer than the PS2 ever was. The system was built for the future, and is more advanced hardware-wise than the 360 and Wii. To take a rumor like this and then transform that into what you're saying is a bit of a stretch. The 360 and Wii need to worry about "last-ability", not the PS3. Sony will truly begin to know what they need for the PS4 once the 720 comes out. Until then, you will never hear Sony give an official statement on releases or specs. Sony can afford to wait and see what Microsoft does and then just one-up them, as they have done this generation.


lawman11084667d ago

It does not even have games to be BC with a new system and does not support the old ones it has.

The Killer4667d ago

what make anybody blue ray wont last so long?? just because downloading contents is improving and getting more popular it doesnt mean blue will die, not every country is rich like america or some europian countries that can afford high bandwidth internet speed u know?? and still every body need to carry out the data on a physical format even after 100 years from now thats am sure of it!! but the question when will they bring the next new hardware storage format and how much more GBytes will it have more than 4x layers(100GB) will it have?? i think they will improve in the flash memory and i already saw 75GB small card like the old floppy disk! but we have to wait and see.

about ps4 well i think it will be based on Cell and it will have a blue ray drive like a ps3 if it doesnt even have something bigger(which i doubt it will happen in the next 4 years).

fightingILLINI4667d ago

why play old ps games? i got rid of my ps2 and games when the ps3 came out. i dont want to go backwards in gaming. i want to go forward. they can leave it out for all i care if it makes it cheaper. have you seen how bad ps2 games look after playing your ps3? i could never go back.

barom4667d ago

i would say ya are forgetting the psp. it has been on the market for about 3 years. Starting (note: starting) on a new handheld wouldn't be such a bad idea imo (which probably won't be out until 3 more years maybe)

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paul_war4667d ago

Well aslong as they don't remove or limit it from EU models!!!

jam94667d ago

Well, I still believed they would give PS2 backward compatibility to all of US. I mean I believe they are hiering ppl who works to develop software only PS2 emu. And in addition, new feature is the backward compatibility for PSP.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4667d ago


good to know.

there is gonna be ALOT of great games this gen you`ll want to keep.

Kleptic4667d ago

agreed...I already have 8 games for the PS3, and have only owned it for 10 months...the next system better support those...

Bleucrunch4667d ago

I have 10 games and I only had it for 6 months I agree the next system is gonna have software backward compatability...but we cant worry about that for another 7 years.

LJWooly4667d ago

I have 15 games!! Pwned you all!!!

Seriously, though, the PS3 has some great games already, and, looking at 2008's line-up, shows no sign of slowing.

BobDog4667d ago

did every1 buy the 40 gig models with no backward compadibility and only 2 usb slots or something?

DrakenSilverwing4667d ago

and not so great games, yet i still own 31 PS3 Games (in profile) and will soon own more in the weeks to come.. i think i'll be more broke this year then last..

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PirateThom4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

Maybe they'll release it next year along side the 720.

Below - Yes, lol, because there's no way Sony or Microsoft are releasing new consoles this early.

iNcRiMiNaTi4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

the ps3 is just starting to build up steam this year and people are already talking about the next console. wtf? if they make a new console now then devs are prolly gonna switch to the newer console leaving the ps3 owners in the dust.

cjp4eva4667d ago

na not happening sony aint micro$hit.

Devr4667d ago

Console makers always start thinking about their next system right away. The development of the Wii began when Gamecube launched, for example.

iNcRiMiNaTi4667d ago

yea its cool to come out with designs and trademark the name and stuff like that, nothing too serious. just dont release it ahead of schedule and everything should be good. also i doubt theyre gonna think about how theyre gonna do it hardware wise anyway. 2-3 years down the road we'll have graphics card that will easily eclipse anything on the market now, so make designs first then interiors later.