Transformers: Fall of Cybertron coming to PC

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron is coming to PC, Activision has just announced.

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All Transformers Games on Xbox Marketplaces are Delisted

While originally only the PlayStation and Steam stores were affected, now all the Transformers games on Xbox One and Xbox 360 have been delisted from the marketplaces.

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Iltapalanyymi2161d ago

so about that digital """future" ""...

skycaptin52161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

It's a real shame, Fall and War were truly remarkable games.

zerzititri2161d ago

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Cobra9512161d ago

You can always redownload titles you already bought, even delisted ones. And while the digital future may bring downsides like this one, it is inevitable nevertheless.

Krysis2161d ago

I grew with you but you will never convince idiots they are wrong, that's what makes them idiots.

ChrisW2160d ago

Exactly, they can always be redownloaded!!!

I just downloaded Transformers: Devastation and War for Cybertron to check.

The article said it's because of Activision's license expiring. Unless there's a huge nasty internal disagreement about that sort of stuff, this delisting will hopefully not be permanent.

firelogic2161d ago

If you bought it, you can still redownload it as many times as you want. They're just not selling it anymore. We'd be in the same situation if physical copies ended their print run.

And yes, we are moving to an all digital future. All doesn't mean "all or nothing." You can still buy LPs in 2018. That doesn't mean the majority of the population hasn't moved onto MP3s and streaming music.

BluRay/DVDs are still sold but have been steadily decreasing year after year as people have moved onto streaming and digital downloads.

Physical books are still printed but are in decline because of e-readers/tablets/cell phones.

PC gaming has been basically 100% digital for some time now and you don't see them proclaiming that the sky is falling. It's just console gamers that are reluctant to accept the inevitable. I don't understand why.

spektical2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

"It's just console gamers that are reluctant to accept the inevitable. I don't understand why."

You arent a true gamer then. True money value for a game is in the physical copy. Digital is much more anti-consumer at this place in time. You cannot lend games to friends, and sure there needs to be a middleground. At this point I can go to my friends houses and trade switch/ps4 games like mario/zelda/horizon/gta5, which i cant do with digital. The needle is too far on the anti-consumer side. Steam tried it with family sharing, but its bs i have to sign in to a friends pc for "family share", why can't I decide which 5 friends can view my library from the my home?

SickSinceSix2161d ago

Same situation if physical copies of a game ended their production run? Don't think you can buy many preowned digital games, especially when they've been delisted.

darthv722161d ago

@spektical: Digital is not anti-consumer. if anything it is pro consumer as digital is much easier to obtain. And really a true gamer is someone who plays games no matter where or in what format.

Sounds to me you are more of a shelf collector than a gamer if you are worried about physical vs digital.

Sunny_D2161d ago

Physical copies that end their run still have the benefit of atleast having a used copy you can find for said game. There’s no such thing as a used digital game.

rainslacker2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Pretty sure u can still easily obtain almost every game ever made physically. It's not like it's terribly hard to find people selling stuff. It's rare that I have to wait it out on something. Just last week I brought over 40 snes games all new, and their print run ended well over 20 years ago.

Otoh, my digital copy of r-typres which I actually paid for back at the start of last gen I'd no longer available for sale, nor is it available to download.

Digital has it's advantages sure, but this is one place where physical trumps digital, and the 2nd biggest reason why I prefer physical. The first is I actually like havi my something of value, which digital games don't beyond my own account

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narsaku2161d ago

Yea yea, 1 or 2 games get de-listed and can still be downloaded by people who purchased and nobody really cares about them anyway and the retards come out laughing at the future of gaming, all the while they can't find 3/4 of their games they bought in the last 10 years, half of them probably don't work without skips/glitches, several, "disk 2's", are gone, several of the cases you opened, led to cracked games cus mum dropped your old collection while playing etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.

I swear console gamers here are 200 years old.

Professor_K2160d ago (Edited 2160d ago )

No ty, Downloading 40g games on a 445kb banwidth is MADNESS😆😭
i just wish they scraped that forced instal crap.

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cellypower2161d ago

This game is still in my backlog :(

gangsta_red2161d ago

Same, got it from PS+ and I was determined to finish it because I am a huge G1 fan...sadly I never did.

LucasRuinedChildhood2161d ago

You can still download and play it.

ZwVw2161d ago

Legend of Korra has been delisted from all marketplace stores as well. The rights expired with Activision.

gedden72161d ago

Now if we can only do that with the MOVIES lol