Toshihiro Nagoshi is Heading to E3

Sega's chief Yakuza man Toshihiro Nagoshi will be heading to E3 next week. In a blog post today, Nagoshi noted that E3 marks the time when game industry people all leave Japan for a week. It's unclear if Nagoshi is attending E3 on official business or if he'll just be observing/supervising as Sega's Chief Creative Officer.

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ThePsychoGamer2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

You know for a second there I kinda had hope for a Yakuza 5 trailer at E3, but most likely, if he's there to show off a game, it will ether be the Super Monkey Ball game for the Vita or to announce Binary Domain 2 (though another Binary Domain game douse sound nice)

Break the locks.

Cloudberry2383d ago

Yakuza 5 English version announcement.

Just get up to that Sony E3 stage, and announce it.

tiffac0082382d ago

Bro I hope your right because if they are announcing a localization of Y5 then they can take my cold hard earned money~!

SaiyanFury2382d ago

Yes, PLEASE bring this over here. I hope Nagoshi-sensei is going to the trouble to go to E3 to announce the North American release. I honestly can't see him going to all that trouble for any other reason. :)

PirateThom2382d ago

Look... I don't want to get excited but and this is a weak link... he supervised Shenmue... dare to dream?